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Anthem and The Division 2 Xbox One bring the interface online

Microsoft is apparently preparing two Xbox One bundles for the coming weeks, tied to some of the top 2019 titles. Alleged images from unpublished Xbox One S units have surfaced online, addressing upcoming role-playing multiplayer shooters, Anthem, and The Division 2 by Tom Clancy.

The list of the Russian games retailer 100PristavOk indicates a plan that has not yet been officially announced. Start in the next few weeks. As discovered for the first time on Reddit, the business pages mate with alleged images of the bundles and their content.

Anthem's Xbox One S Bundle is set to include its 1

TB console, a controller, and a redeemable code for its top legion "Legion" of Dawn Edition. "Meanwhile, Tom Clancy's The Division 2 package includes the same hardware duo as the standard game, and also includes test codes for the various subscription services of the Xbox One.

Keep the news for these packages up to the official Microsoft word However, it is a likely pairing for the launch. Xbox locks partnerships and celebrates both titles at the E3 2018.

The bundles are currently available for pre-order for 26,990 rubles, though a price of $ 299 in the US feature

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