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Anthem is less frustrating after the last update

When BioWare's online multiplayer loophole, Anthem was launched in February, it was not possible to launch missions , return or exchange the equipment quickly. With today's update, BioWare has finally changed that and is helping to create an experience that has previously been compromised by frustrating limitations.

Patch 1.1, released today on PS4, Xbox One and PC, allows new missions to start directly from the expedition overview. Previously, players had to return to the starting spot or the main turnstile of Fort Tarsis of the game before leaving. You had to sit through several loading screens and slow down the game between missions by a few minutes. For a game where the same content is being ground again and again, little things that stand in the way of continuous play are particularly annoying.

It is now also possible to choose a new contract directly from the mission selection screen instead of visiting the treaty boards one by one. This means that there are fewer reasons to travel through Fort Tarsis, but since the game is not the heart of the game, it is a welcome development to provide shortcuts to the bypass.

The biggest novelty remains the ability to access the blacksmiths during the missions. In the past, it was only possible in Fort Tarsis or at the launch bay to play around with your character's Javelin loading. Now you can pull it up in the middle of a fight by switching to the menu screen in seconds and switching components, weapons and equipment. It was a feature that should have been in play 60 days ago, but at least here. Unfortunately, this does not apply to new loot that you pick up during a mission. This is only accessible at the end.

The patch has also brought new content, including a new fortress called Sunken Cell, which I'll offer more in-depth impressions about it as soon as I spend more time with it have. It also offers some booty in the form of new masterwork components like the Extended Sniper Magazine for sniper rifles that increase ammo and damage. There is a long list of bug fixes and adjustments that have not all been updated yet. The patch notes feature the Chaotic Rime Seal of the Storm, which increased its damage bonus from 125 percent to 250 percent, but when I played today, it was not felt in the game description.

The prey speed remains unchanged.

It's hard to get overly excited about the patch because there are still many questions about the rest of the content that was originally scheduled to be released this month. Of the 14 new additions scheduled for April in BioWare's 90-day calendar for the game, this update marks the Sunken Cell. There's still seven days left for everything, including big things like the new Mastery Progress System and Guilds, which seems highly unlikely to happen.

A developer livestream, the first in over a month, is scheduled for BioWare today, is expected to provide an update of the existing schedule.

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