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Anthem's new update adds more loot and more bugs

Stop me if you've heard this before. Anthem receives a new update. The changes in the new update look promising. On closer inspection, not all improvements work as intended, and a few things that were fixed before are now broken again.

Anthem was back before and after today's 1.04 update, at least temporarily. Elysian chests are the biggest supplement. They are now sitting at the end of each fortress mission. Any player who has an Elysian key that is passed through daily challenges can open one and pick up special vanity items such as new decals, textiles and emotes.

Unfortunately, the introduction of this new reward also seems to have been with the players, including myself, the existing was discussed and found that the completion of a fortress mission no longer guaranteed at least one masterwork drop, as it was intended.

On Twitter the community manager of the game, Jesse Anderson, wrote that BioWare is currently investigating this issue in addition to another weird bug: other players can pick up their loot for you. Normally, the loot is instantiated with the player and is not visible to all others. If they go over it, nothing happens.

While the players grind through the final anthem of Anthem as it exists, they have filled everything except the rarest booty and now that Kotaku was dealt with yesterday, actively avoid taking on something of lesser value because it is more than painful to deal with it as worth. In an ironic masterpiece, the same players are now being bombarded with useless booty notifications while their party members accidentally pick them up.

There are also issues with some new vanity items that do not immediately appear in the customization menu after the missions. My first Elysian treasure was the Warning Markings sticker, but I had to quit and restart the game, a suggestion from Anderson on Twitter, before the sticker was displayed as an option that I could select. It does not help that these problems became known immediately after the release of the leading producer of the game, Ben Irving over the weekend that new sets of armor for which the players were desperate since launch were not part of the development update.

That's too bad, especially since the patch is a step in the right direction. In addition to the new Elysian chests, 1.04 offers the option to replay story missions in case of grandmaster difficulty, helping to reduce the monotony of hours of free spins or repeated use of the same bastion missions. It is now also possible to access the Smithy, where players can locate their spears from anywhere in Fort Tarsis or the launch bay without having to go through a loading screen.

The patch also prevents a lot of skills and adds Javelin components and adds five new ones, including Bloodlust, which nearly doubles melee damage to a melee attack for 10 seconds after each enemy killed. For the most overlooked changes of all, the most recent is a list of BioWare that now floats underwater. It is important to find joy in the small pleasures of life, especially for the anthem of .

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