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Any major MCU character left after the Thanos snap is rated "weakest" to "stronger."

Thanos' Snap-In Infinity War was one of the most daring and emotional moments that MCU audiences have witnessed since the worldwide phenomenon of 2008 with the original Iron Man started. As the movie's release date approached, fans predicted who, if anything, would be the greatest heroes to make the ultimate sacrifice in their attempt to protect Earth. The viewers were shocked, of course, when it came to the lifelong goal of balancing the universe in the final climax of the Russo brothers' film, Thanos. Half of the characters the fans have met and loved have become dust, including very popular characters like Spiderman, Black Panther, and even most of the galaxy's guardians.

The Marvel fanbase has since exploded into rumors and fan theories surrounding the upcoming Avengers movie and how the remaining heroes can bring their fallen allies and friends back. Many of the survivors will seek revenge on Thanos for the friends and family he has taken from them. Not to mention other enemies the heroes may have to deal with. So who is left and who is the strongest? Here's Any major MCU character remaining after Thanos & # 39; Snap, from the weakest to the strongest class.

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20 Howard The Duck

This might surprise many MCU fans, but John and Anthony Russo, directors of Infinity War confirmed Howard had survived the duck's snapshot. First seen in a trailer scene from Guardians of the Galaxy, Howard the Duck has no time in the spotlight of the MCU. Many of Howard's misadventures in comic books were social satires, a theme that could prove to be perfect for today's climate. The character made his big-screen debut in the 1986 movie of the same name. It has been widely viewed by both critics and listeners and is still considered one of the worst movies ever. While it's unlikely that Marvel plans to put Howard's duck in a lead role, there's always the chance that he'll be back in Avengers 4 .

19 Ramonda

does not appear in Infinity War has confirmed actress Angela Basset that her character, T & # 39; Challas mother and the Wakanda queen, has survived the snap , Although not strong herself, Ramonda's position as Queen of Wakanda gave her access to weapons and resources that could prove useful to the heroes in Avengers 4 . After losing both her husband and her son in a short time, she was able to further motivate her to do everything in her power to bring T & # 39; Challa back.

18 M & # 39; Baku

The enemy became an ally of Black Panther was left standing as many of the Wakandan soldiers became dust after their battle with the trailblazers. The leader of the Jabari tribe was first seen in Black Panther and tried to dethrone T & # 39; Challa, but eventually joined forces to defeat Killmonger. M & # 39; Baku's Survival may result in his temporarily taking over the Black Panther coat in the Avengers lineup. T & # 39; Challah's absence from Wakanda could also result in M ​​& # 39; Baku assuming his throne and, in retrospect, commanding the rest of the nation's military. M & # 39; Baku could also be a potential source of resources for the heroes in the next Avengers movie.

17 Shuri

Shuri has been Black Panther since her first appearance in . Her ingenious intellect and bizarre sense of humor made her a unique addition to the growing MCU and it seems that even Thanos' snapshot was not enough to get rid of the young Wakandan. Angela Basset, the actress portraying Shuri's mother, confirms that Shuri survived the snap.

Although Shuri is not particularly powerful when it comes to physical confrontation, he may prove to be extremely useful to the Avengers.

There is also speculation that Shuri will wear her own Black Panther suit in Avengers 4 . Whether this turns out to be true or not, it will certainly be interesting to see Shuri talk shop with people like Bruce Banner and Tony Stark.

16 Okoye

If Okoye's reaction to her king's dust is going to be all over, the Warrior General in Avengers 4 will be out for a fight. The general of Dora Milaje and the head of the armed forces Wakandas and Intel is loyal to T & # 39; Challa, both as a king and as a friend. Although he did not possess any superhuman powers or abilities, Okoye has proven himself in both Black Panther and Infinity as a skillful warrior. Considering that Okoye is the fourth Wakandan character to survive the jump, the nation could play a major role in Avengers 4 . If that's the case, Okoye will probably play a crucial role and possibly even command their ground forces when there's another fight.

15 War Machine

James Rhodes reassembled his War Machine armor Infinity War despite serious injuries in Captain America: Civil War

The former member of the US military, who became a superhero, was left standing after Thanos & # 39; click, but with a rather badly damaged suit.

Rhodey is unable to repair the suit himself and will have to wait for Tony to return to Earth. This could even lead to an improved suit similar to Tony's Nanobots. Rhodey's survival can also feed into the political position of the Avenger with the rest of the world. In Infinity War we see that he is the acting liaison between the Avengers and Thunderbolt Ross. This may now prove crucial after Steve Rogers and his flight team disappeared from hiding.

14 Red Skull

Though unconfirmed, logic would have made us believe that the Red Skull has survived Thanos & Snap; Red Skull is an evil scientist who first appeared in Captain America: The First Avenger . Eventually he came into possession of the Tesseract, a cube containing the space infinity stone. After touching the cube, he was teleported to the planet Vormir, where he was trapped as the Keeper of the Soulstone. Since the Snap affects only living things in the universe, it seems safe to assume that Red Skull would not be affected because he is a ghost, neither alive nor dead. The fact that Thanos claimed the soul stone would also suggest that Red Skull has been released from his curse and now may again devastate the MCU.

13 Nebula

The adopted daughter of Thanos once again failed to defeat him during the Battle of Titan in Infinity War. The experienced cyborg warrior will be Tony Stark's best chance to return to Earth in Avengers 4 . After prolonged days of pain in the hands of the Mad Titan, Nebula will be ready to do whatever it takes to bring him down.

What remains unclear is how committed she will be when it comes to working with the Avengers to reverse the snap.

After all, she's not exactly a team player. It's worth noting that in a comic story, Nebula really manages to steal the Thanos infinity glove and use it himself. Given the MCU's habit of adopting pieces of various comics, this would not be entirely unlikely.

12 Hawkeye

Hawkeye is the only member of the original Avengers lineup that does not appear in Infinity War. While his survival has not been confirmed, it is hard to believe that Marvel would eliminate him out of sight. Hawkeye would also be the only member of the original lineup that would not survive Thanos & # 39; Snap, adding even more credibility to the theory that he survived. While details of Hawkeye's involvement in Avengers 4 are scarce, many fans speculate that the archer will assume a new identity. Hawkeye adopted the Ronin Persona in the comics after the Civil War storyline and seeing his own transformation into dust could be just what it takes to turn the casual bowman into a brooding, lonely warrior.

11 Rocket Raccoon

Rocket Raccoon is the only member of the original Guardians of the Galaxy team that could survive the snap. Rocket watched helplessly as his best friend turned to dust and will certainly get worse when he learns that the rest of his motley family have met the same fate.

Considering that he is already closely associated with Thor, it is likely that he is working with the rest of the Avengers to reverse the snap.

Rocket's knowledge of space and alien technology will also prove very useful when the world's most powerful heroes have to leave their planet. Besides, who does not want to see more of the great moments in which Rocket works with the Avengers, like Thor's epic arrival at Wakanda or Bucky Barnes, who lifts him up for a 360-degree attack?

10 Black Widow

Natasha Romanoff is still one of Avenger's founders who survived Thanos Snap. The superspy was not widely used in Infinity War but was in the limelight for a few moments. She proved that she was able to defend herself against alien invaders as well as against the enemies of the state, and she will remain a great asset to her team in the next Avengers series. With the news that Scarlett Johansson has committed to a Black Widow movie, it seems that she will not leave the MCU soon. This could even lead Black Widow to take a leading role in future Avengers films should one of the other current MCU stars leave the franchise.

9 Valkyrie

Another surprising survivor of Thanos' snapshot, Valkyrie did not appear in Infinity War . The film opens on the wreckage of the ship, which was last seen in Thor: Ragnarok which transported the surviving Asgardians after the attack by Hela. Although Thor and Bruce Banner appear to be the only survivors, the Russo Brothers have since confirmed that Valkyrie has left the ship in an escape pod. Valkyrie actress Tessa Thompson has also confirmed that Valkyrie survived the snap. The Asgardian Warrior possesses many of the superhuman qualities that are common among their people, such as strength, agility and even a regenerative healing factor. She is also a very capable fighter. Valkyrie knows no threats much more powerful than her and could turn out to be an interesting addition to the next Avengers movie when her escape pod finds its way to Earth.

8 Vision

The audience was led to believe that vision happened in the last moments of the infinity war. Scarlet Witch used her powers to destroy the Mind Stone that powered the synthetic android just to undo his sacrifice of Thanos and his Timeline. But could vision return to the MCU? One theory is that Shuri may have extracted enough of his consciousness to bring him back online.

Considering that much of Vision's awareness is based on the Tony Stark-built Artificial Intelligence program, it seems possible to be recreated.

Although it's hard to say whether this new version of the vision we've seen before is similar or whether it would be a completely new view of the character. Anyway, Vision has always been one of the strongest Avengers, and his recapture would certainly be a power boost for the team.

7 Bruce Banner / The Hulk

Another survivor of Thano's attack on the Asgardian ship, Bruce Banner, was also left behind after Thanos Snap. The ingenious scientist has recently had a complicated relationship with his superpowered alter ego and it looks like we need to wait until Avengers 4 to see if The Incredible Hulk shows up. Whether Hulk decides to smash or not, Bruce Banner's intelligence alone makes him a valuable asset and he even managed to prove he could hold his own in a fight when he arrested Thanos' executor Cull Obsidian. Banner will also have a bone to hit with Thanos the next time they meet, considering how their first fight ended on the Asgardian ship. Banner could not beat Thanos, which led to the ends of Loki and Heimdall.

6 Ant-Man

Scott Lang is one of the strongest new additions to the Avengers lineup. Able to shrink to microscopic levels or grow into a towering Goliath, Ant-Man is a force to be reckoned with in the MCU. The audience last saw the happy hero in the post-credits scene of Ant-Man and The Wasp in which every member of Scott's team became dust as he shrank into a quantum empire. It is quite possible that Scott's quantum technology could even be the key to the rumored time travel solution in Avengers 4. However, for Scott to help the Avengers restore the universe, he must find a way to escape the Quantum Empire now that he has no support team.

5 Captain America

Steve Rogers watched helplessly as his best friend Bucky Barnes turned to dust after the jump. The First Avenger, now disappointed with his country, had hid with his team in the wake of Civil War but returned to defend his planet in his distress. Rogers led the defense forces against the Wakanda outrigger attack, but was ultimately no match for Thanos. Although Captain America can not compete with Thanos on a physical level, his bravery and strategy alone makes him a powerful leader of the Avengers. With the news that [4] Avengers 4 will be Chris Evan's last MCU feature, many fans have wondered if the Supersoldier will give in his fight to restore his fallen allies.

4 Iron Man

The brilliant billionaire philanthropist has come a long way since his big screen debut ten years ago, but many fans would agree that not a single moment has influenced Tony Stark as much as Spider-Mans [Infinity War]. The boy whom Tony had trained as a mentor and protector turned into dust in his arms, crippling him with guilt as well as with the wounds of his fight against Thanos. If Tony manages to make it from Titan, he will certainly do anything to bring back the young Avenger, who was like a son. Not to mention, if Doctor Strange is believed, Tony could be more powerful than he realizes. The Sorcerer Supreme saw a result that could defeat Thanos and Tony Stark had to survive, even if it meant sacrificing half of humanity. Perhaps the survival of a one-on-one fight with Mad Titan himself was just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the true potential of Iron Man. Captain Marvel

Although not directly confirmed, we must assume Carol Danvers, Captain Marvel, survived the snap. Nick Fury sent his distress signal to Danvers in his last moments before he fell to dust, but the symbol appeared and seemed to confirm that the message had arrived. Captain Marvel will make her feature film debut next year in a feature film of the same name, and the Cosmic Hero will certainly be an interesting addition to the MCU. If her comic counterpart is something she will be dangerous to Thanos. He is able to hit Hulkbuster tanks and fend off rockets with ease.

2 Thanos

Fans can not forget that the Dark Lord himself, Thanos, is still on the road in the MCU. Last seen in the final scene of Infinity War, Thanos rested after finally achieving his immense goal of balancing the universe. The crazy Titan will certainly not take a long break, that is, when the heroes of the MCU take it upon themselves to reverse what he has done.

Despite the destruction of the Infinity glove, Thanos is still incredibly powerful.

He has the superhuman strength and durability we saw when he effortlessly destroyed the hulk without using a single Infinity Stone. Apart from his extensive scientific knowledge, Thanos is also a master strategist. Maybe fans will even see the titular rogue, the battle armor teased in many MCU post-credit scenes.

1 Thor

The god of thunder has steadily gained power since its introduction to the MCU. Armed with the newly discovered lightning he discovered in Ragnarok and his Stormbreaker Ax, Thor was the only avenger who managed to break Thano's onslaught and what a dent it was. Thor took out the ground forces of Thanos during the attack on Wakanda and then proceeded to drive his weapon through the mad Titan's chest. Even if it does not go after the headshot, it is difficult to argue that Thor would not be the greatest weapon of the Avengers when it comes to fighting Thanos. Now that Thanos has defeated Loki, Heimdall and half of humanity, the king of Asgard will most likely lead the charge against Thanos when Avengers 4 arrives next year.

Who do you think will be the difference maker against Thanos? Let us know in the comments!

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