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AOC supports the candidate for Queens and tests her political influence on the New Yorkers

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, DN.Y., has supported the Tiffany Caban District Prosecutor, who was perceived as an insurgent, progressively provocative candidate for the establishment. Ocasio-Cortez received the approval of the Democratic Socialists of America. "Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez – surprising victory opened the door to a new, democratic-socialist vision of electoral politics," said Shasha Weinstein, who was a member of the organizing committee for the Queens elections, to the New York Post Caban also advocated several positions that were supported by the DSA, including the cessation of bail and the fight against mass detention.

AOC, LIZ WARREN COMMISERATE Ocasio-Cortez has on On Wednesday, Caban's record as a defender was vindicated, choosing a defense lawyer for her position as a prosecutor with her platform could be transformative, and the organizers who have their butts burst on the ground deserve recognition, "she said.

Their approval seemed to reflect a pattern of more progressive candidates rising to challenge the democratic establishment. Ocasio-Cortz, who was just elected in 201

8, has already received much media attention and is said to have had enough power to provoke key candidates for 2020 to seek their approval.

The election could serve as a first test of how much power she actually possessed and whether the immense media attention she received was an accurate indicator of her importance in the party.

It was also possible to estimate how far the supposed "progressive wave" would last beyond the 2018 elections. This movement within the party attracted particular attention when Netflix released a documentary in April in which she and other progressive candidates starred. Her advocacy caught the media's attention and she repressed the idea that she somehow put her political influence to the test by advocating Caban.

"Perhaps an unpopular opinion: I do not think advocacy is a special 'impact test'," she tweeted. "I think it is an insult to both the candidate and the organizers to work tirelessly to imply this."


As evidence she cited her own campaign in which she named the powerful incumbent and former MP Joe Crowley defeated DN.Y. 2018.

"When I ran last year, everyone and their cousin supported my opponent," she said.


She responded to a tweet by J. David Goodman, who has written for The Times and tweeted the article's release about her.

"After losing, people hinted that the government's approval was no longer powerful – virtually every union in NYC has had no influence?" Ocasio-Cortez asked. "No, it was about the candidates and the race, it's always like that," she added.

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