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AP-FACT-CHECK: Trump Distorts NKoreas Goal "Denuclearize"

WASHINGTON – President Donald Trump and his assistants leave a false impression of the extent of North Korea's plans to abandon its nuclear weapons.

They say that North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un has essentially agreed to "denuclearization." In fact, Kim's announcement on Friday before the US and South Korean summits is more limited, agreeing to freeze rocket and nuclear weapon testing and shut down a nuclear facility that is believed to have become unusable. 1

9659008] North Korea does not mention complete nuclear disarmament. Meanwhile, Trump has in recent days suggested a postponement of the reasons for his dismissal of FBI director James Comey and exaggerated with other Republicans as to how much easier it will be for Americans to lay down their taxes next time. He also erred, albeit by a hair's breadth, in claiming a historical achievement in black and Hispanic unemployment.

A look at the questionable statements:

TRUMP: "Sleepy Eyes Chuck Todd of fake news NBC has just said that we've given up so much in our negotiations with North Korea and given up nothing .. Wow, we have not given up anything and they have agreed to denuclearization (so great for the world), the closure of places, and no further testing! "- Tweet Sunday.

KELLYANNE CONWAY, White House Advisor: "The American people are helping Mach with what's going on, including this president, who is making great strides to denuclearize the Korean peninsula," said Sunday's CNN's State of the Union ".

FACTS: They misrepresent the extent of North Korea's intentions to "purify", a term that has different meanings for both sides. Important lawmakers are also skeptical that Kim will even fulfill his limited promise.

South Korea, meeting with North Korea this week, said Kim expressed genuine interest in dealing with his nuclear weapons. But the North has been advancing a concept of "denuclearization" for decades that bears no resemblance to the American definition and promises nuclear development, unless Washington removes its troops from the Korean Peninsula and the nuclear shield that defends South Korea and Japan ,

The South Korean president has said that Kim is not calling for the withdrawal of US troops from the Korean Peninsula as a condition for abandoning his nuclear weapons. If that is true, this would eliminate an important point for a possible disarmament treaty.

But that still does not speak in favor of a North Korean arsenal containing alleged thermonuclear warheads and developmental ICBMs during a decade-long crisis cycle of pallets and broken promises

When asked what denuclearization means, the White House Legislative Director confirmed that Marc Short on Sunday, a blurred concept. "I think from our point of view, this means complete denuclearization," said Short on NBC. "No more nuclear weapons that can be used in the war against one of our allies."

Sen. Bob Corker, R-Tenn., Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, told CNN that North Korea's announcement should be treated with "skepticism and caution," noting that Kim can easily undo it. "I do not think he said anything about front-end denuclearization," Corker said.

Trump followed his exaggerated tweet with a more cautious one and said, "We're far from over on North Korea, maybe things will work out, and maybe they will not – only time will tell."

___ [19659020] TRUMP: "Slippery James Comey, the worst FBI director of history, was not fired fake Russia investigation, where, by the way, there was NO CONNECTION (except from the Dems!)" – Tweet Wednesday.

THE FACTS: Only Trump knows why he decided to fire Comey. But Trump has changed his story. In May 2017, two days after Comey's departure, Trump told NBC, "When I decided to just do it, I said to myself: I know this Russia thing with Trump and Russia is invented history." [19659022] Comey's shots and Trump's subsequent proposal that the investigation of Russian interference in the election was a factor led Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein to appoint a special adviser, Robert Mueller, to oversee the investigation. Mueller is now investigating Comey's dismissal as part of an investigation into the President's possible obstruction of justice. The far-reaching investigation has also examined a possible collusion between the Trump campaign and Russian interests.

Trump's rationale for dismissing Comey has changed previously. Initially, the White House attributed the bombardment to Comey's handling of the FBI investigation of Hillary Clinton's e-mail practices. Trump contradicted this statement in his NBC interview and has now changed it again.


TRUMP: "This is the last time you fill this long, complicated, terrible return … Tomorrow, last day Most important, next year it will be a simple page – mostly a page. It may get a bit bigger, but it will be easy and easy to do. "- Remarks in Hialeah, Florida on April 16.

VICE PRESIDENT MIKE PENCE: "Thanks to the historic TRUMP TAX CUTS, today is the last time that the American people will levy taxes under a complicated and obsolete tax system." – Tweet Tuesday.

THE FACTS: These White House assurances, repeated by republican legislators, only apply to a subgroup of the "American people."

Long, complicated return does not go away. The Trump tax overhaul does not introduce a system that allows anyone to file a one-page or so form, or one that carries a blanket promise of simplicity. The process will be easier for some people and not easier for others.

There's already a form for a page, the 1040EZ, that's been around for years. It can be used by people who have less than $ 100,000 in taxable income and no dependent persons and who meet other criteria. Trump had previously promised a card-sized tax form, but now he seems to undermine that claim by describing next year's shape as "mostly one-page," but "maybe getting a bit bigger."

In fact, no sign that the IRS has planned new registration forms in card size or otherwise for the 2018 tax year.

Many taxpayers will indeed be able to file more easily by doubling the standard deduction. But they still have to do some subtle work to find out what taxable income they have and whether they qualify for the deduction or whether it would be better to list them. They must also intervene in the success that they could derive from capping mortgage interest and state and local tax deductions. Tax hikers do not disappear.


TRUMP: "Unemployment for African-American workers, for Hispanic workers, unemployment in history is lower than ever before, in the history of our country it is at its lowest point." – Press conference on Wednesday.

FACTS: Not quite.

Hispanic unemployment reached a record low of 4.8 percent in October 2006, a record in three months last year. In the latest report, it was 5.1 percent for March.

Unemployment reached a record low of 6.8 percent in December. That rose to 6.9 percent in February and March.

This progress comes with some reservations. Unemployed numbers for blacks and Hispanics can jump from month to month, so any record can be short-lived. The unemployment rate for whites is consistently much lower than for the other groups, now 4.1 percent. And the black unemployment rate would be much higher if the undeclared workforce was about as high as before the Great Recession. The most dramatic decline in black unemployment occurred during the Obama administration's downturn from 16.8 percent in March 2010 to 7.8 percent in January 2017.


PENCE: "Our tax cuts – the biggest in American history – will save you money, increase opportunities and create more JOBS for American workers." – Tweet Tuesday

THE FACTS: The tax cuts are not the biggest in the history.

They Are Significantly Tracking Ronald Reagan's 1981 Tax Reductions Barack Obama's Renewal of George W. Bush's Tax Penalties in 2013 and More

The estimated cost of Trump's package amounts to $ 1.5 trillion in 10 years. In October, before the details were finalized, the bipartisan committee for a responsible federal budget adopted a higher value for the package – $ 2.2 trillion. Even this more significant plan was ranked as only the eighth largest in history as a percentage of GDP and the fourth largest by another measure – inflation-adjusted dollars.

Trump has persistently called his cuts the largest in history. Most of all, he withdrew that in his Tuesday Today article USA Today, although his vice president did not.

Trump wrote more modestly: "I have one of the biggest tax cuts in history and most signed tax reform in a generation."


TRUMP: "Russia and China are playing the currency devaluation game as the US continues to interest rates Not acceptable. "- Tweet April 16.

THE FACTS: Trump's claim misrepresents the current economic situation and contradicts his own Treasury Department, which published a report a few days earlier, showing that no country was described as a currency manipulator.

Trump during The 2016 presidential campaign had vowed to brand China as a currency manipulator immediately after taking office. But in three direct monetary reports since Trump's inauguration, the government has not branded China or any other country as a currency manipulator.

Asked why the government did not refer to China as a currency manipulator in US Treasury reports Sarah Huckabee Sanders said on Monday that China is on a watch list and "this is something the ministry of treasury is watching very closely and we will continue to watch it. "

Trump's Tweet also vaguely describes the economic situation. The Chinese currency, the yuan, has actually gained in value and is now at its highest against the dollar in about three years.

In contrast, the Russian ruble fell against the dollar and fell sharply last week. But that reflected the new economic sanctions imposed by the US on Russia – not rising US interest rates or efforts by the Russian government to squeeze the ruble.

Trump believes that rising US interest rates could help boost the dollar's value in other currencies by making investment in the United States more attractive to foreign investors. But US interest rates are just one factor that can determine the value of the dollar against other countries.

It is not clear what Trump called the present situation "unacceptable." It is true that a stronger dollar can increase America's trade deficit by making American exports in overseas markets more expensive, while foreign goods become cheaper for US consumers.

But the Fed's current steps to gradually raise US interest rates are being taken to ensure that the economy does not overheat a 17-year low during a period of unemployment and economic expansion is now the second-longest in the world the history of the USA. Former governments were generally cautious about not commenting on the Fed's interest rate policy to protect the Fed's political independence.


Associated Press authors Jill Colvin, Zeke Miller, Christopher Rugaber and Josh Boak contributed to the report.


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