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AP News coming soon at 11:04 am Summer Time

Trump filmed as he wanted to pay for the story of the Playboy model

NEW YORK – The former personal lawyer of President Donald Trump secretly told Trump about a potential payment for an affair with a former Playboy modeless the lawyer said on Friday.

Attorney Michael Cohen's record adds questions about whether Trump attempted to destroy harmful stories in the run up to his 2016 election. The Trump campaign had said that it knew nothing about a payment to make Karen McDougal eccentric. It could also involve the president in a criminal investigation that has been targeting Cohen, his former lawyer and close ally for months.

The current Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani said the payment was never made and the short shot shows that Trump did nothing wrong. 1

9659005] "The transaction that Michael talks about on the tape never happened, but what's important is that if it happened, the president said it had to be done right and it had to be done by check" (19659006) One of Cohen's lawyers, Lanny Davis, said, "Any attempt to spin can not change what's on the tape."


Sheriff: 11 people lost their lives after Missouri's tourist boat accident

BRANSON, Mo. – At least 11 people, including children, died following a boat carrying tourists on a Missouri lake Thursday capsized and sank, said the local sheriff.

Sheriff Doug Rader said five people continue to be missing and seven others were hospitalized after a Ride the Ducks boat sank on Table Rock Lake in Branson.

A spokeswoman for Cox Medical Center Branson said four adults and three children arrived at the hospital shortly after the incident. Two adults were in critical condition and the others were treated for minor injuries, said Brandei Clifton.

Rader said the stormy weather was probably the cause of the capsizing. Another duck boat on the lake could safely bring it back ashore.

Steve Lindenberg, a National Weather Service weather meteorologist in Springfield, Missouri, said the agency issued a severe thunderstorm warning for the Branson area on Thursday night. Lindenberg said winds reached speeds in excess of 60 miles per hour.


Tears, then chuckles: Honduran baby is back in the arms of parents

SAN PEDRO SULA, Honduras – For months, a Honduran couple watched their only son grow up in video while being held in US government custody , There he took his first steps and spoke his first words.

Parents were forced to hug the 15-month-old boy again on Friday, five months after the US immigration authorities forcibly separated the baby from his father on the Texas border. 19659018] Johan, who caught the world's attention when he appeared in diapers in a US courtroom, did not recognize his mother and father after flying to San Pedro Sula.

"I kept saying Johan, Johan and he started crying," said his mother, Adalicia Montecinos.

She burst into tears as she talked about how her son became a poster boy for the Trump government's outrage over the separation of immigrant children from their parents in the US-Mexico border.


Liberal Icon, New Democratic star wate in GOP-heavy Kansas

KANSAS CITY, Kansas – The new face of an emerging democratic socialist movement joined its patriarch at the most unlikely spot Friday, I call Ka is unhappy with the country's orientation to get out of the game in a congressional district held by the Republican Party.

"We know that the people of Kansas, just like everywhere in this country, just like families in the Bronx want a nice punch," said Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, surprise winner at a New York headquarters last month, a frenetic Lot of more than 3,000 in a Kansas suburb of Kansas City.

Headlining a rally with Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders Ocasio-Cortez attempted to fill the last weeks of Democrat pre-election campaign with Brent Welder's enthusiasm over the over 20-year-old Democratic Republican Joe Crowley last month

In an Election Year Defined by Democratic Voters When President Donald Trump sent a message, Sanders and Ocasio-Cortez bet they might rouse liberals in places where the left rarely competes.

28-year-old Latina from New York and 76-year-old Jewis The Vermont Senator contrasted sharply in the hotel's ballroom, although it reflected the range of people in the mixed ethnic population, the Millennials and gray-haired activists and parents complained to children.


Dolphins owner says he would keep options open on anthem

Miami Dolphins owner Stephen Ross said he has not decided whether he actually disciplined players who protest during the national anthem when he formally joined the team explained that the demonstrations could be punishable.

"We were asked to send a form to the NFL about our general discipline policy prior to the start of the rookie reporting date," Ross said in a statement on Friday explaining why a one-sentence reference to "Proper Anthem Conduct "was the official discipline policy of the team. "The one sentence referring to the national anthem was a placeholder, because at that point we had not made a decision about what we would do."

President Donald Trump, a frequent critic of protesting gamblers, said Friday that players should be banned for a match, then suspended for the season without pay when they kneel a second time.

"Is not it in the contract that players need to be careful, hand on heart? The $ 40,000,000 commissioner has to take a stand now," Trump tweeted, referring to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell.

Miami's policy was reached on Thursday by The Associated Press, calling behavior among behaviors that were "harmful to the club" was the last point on Miami's list.


White House rejects Putin's idea for Ukrainian referendum

WASHINGTON – The White House on Friday refused an effort supported by Vladimir Putin to hold a referendum in eastern Ukraine After the controversial summit of President Donald Trump with the Russian leader, the future of the region distanced itself from the idea.

Russia's ambassador to the US, Anatoly Antonov, said the two leaders had discussed the possibility of a referendum in the separatist-oriented East Ukraine during its summit in Helsinki.

But Trump's spokesman for the National Security Council, Garrett Marquis, said that agreements between Russia and Ukraine have no such option for resolving the conflict in the Donbass region and that any effort to organize a so-called referendum would have "no legitimacy". ,

The back and forth came as the White House outlined the agenda for a planned second summit between Trump and Putin – in Washington this fall – that would focus on national security. Moscow signaled its openness to a second formal meeting between the two leaders as criticizing Trump during his first major meeting with his Russian counterpart in the US

Trump left the White House for his New Jersey Golf Club for the weekend. When he got there, he returned to Twitter to complain about Monday's coverage.


Judge: "Great Progress" Family reunification at the border

SAN DIEGO – On Friday, a federal judge of the Trump administration applauded efforts to meet deadlines to unite more than 2,500 children with their families after they were separated at the border.

Justice Department attorneys told San Diego County Court that 450 children 5 and older, from 364 a day, were reunited earlier.

"I am very impressed with the efforts that have been made," said US District Judge Dana Sabraw. "It really seems that great progress has been made."

Hundreds of children are still waiting for reunions with their family.

In a court that logs on Thursday, the administration said that about 1,600 parents were reunited and about 900 were ineligible or "not yet known".


Bayer stops selling birth control equipment for injuries

WASHINGTON – The manufacturer of a long-lasting contraceptive with thousands of injuries reports and repeated security restrictions by regulators said Friday that the device was released in the US, the single land in which it is available is no longer sold.

Bayer said the safety of its Essure implant has not changed, but the device is no longer being sold at the end of the year due to weak sales.

The German company had billed the device as the only non-surgical sterilization method for women. As complaints increased and demand eased, it stopped sales of Essure in Canada, Europe, South America, South Africa and the United Kingdom.

According to patient reports, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has painstaking, bleeding, allergic reactions, and cases in which the implant has punctured or postponed the uterus.

In May, the FDA said doctors need to show women a checklist of the device's risks before implanting it.


Jamie Lee Curtis embraces an emotional "Halloween" fan

SAN DIEGO – In Hall H of the Comic-Con, the huge room with the biggest presentations and the biggest movie and TV stars still a strict separation between the actors and the actors in the audience. But Jamie Lee Curtis moved on this Friday as he stood offstage during the presentation for the new "Halloween" to greet an emotional fan.

Wiping away the tears, the man used his moment on the Q & A microphone to tell a story about a home invasion he experienced. He said that her character saved his life and inspired him to use knitting needles in defense. He said he was a winner and not a victim because of her and that she was the reason he attended the convention.

An amazed audience watched as Curtis unexpectedly left her seat on the big stage and went downstairs to share. Www.mjfriendship.de/de/index.php?op…39&Itemid=32 His comments repeated What Curtis said a few moments ago is how important this new iteration of "Halloween" is because it allows her to claim her narrative 40 years after the traumatic events with Michael Myers. John Carpenter's film

"This is a woman who has waited 40 years for the person she knows comes back, "said Curtis. "40 years later, Laurie had no real support, had no real help, PTSD is real, trauma is real."


Easier treatment with a dose to prevent malaria recurrence OK

U.S. The regulators adopted a simpler treatment on Friday with a dose to prevent malaria recurrence.

Standard treatment now lasts two weeks and studies show that many patients do not discontinue each dose.

Malaria is caused by parasites that spread to humans through mosquito bites. Antimalarial drugs can cure the initial infection, but parasites can enter the liver, hide in a sleeping form, and cause relapses months or years later. A second drug is used to stop relapses.

The new drug, GlaxoSmithKlines Krintafel (KRIN-tah-fell), targets only the type of malaria that occurs mainly in South America and Southeast Asia. Most malaria cases and deaths are in Africa, and they are of a different nature.

At study, one dose of krintafel worked approximately the same as two weeks of standard treatment to prevent recurrence in about three quarters of patients over six months. The company said

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