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AP sources: MLB is approaching the deal to expand players to 26 players

NEW YORK – Major League Baseball and Players' Association are close to agreeing to increase the number of active squads to 26 from 2020 as part of a deal that would include an obligation to discuss major economic issues after the opening day of that year ,

As part of the deal, the activity limit would be cut from 40 to 28 from 1 September to the end of the season, according to the people familiar with the negotiations, The Associated Press. People spoke on the condition of anonymity because the agreement was still ongoing.

A limitation of the September invocations would end parades of Relief pitchers, which cause some games to stop.

A maximum of 1

3 pitchers for most of the season and 14 of September 1, people said. The minimum number of roster would increase from 24 to 25.

The new maximum of 26 players would also apply to the postseason.

The commitment to discussing bigger economic issues is key to the Union successively Slow free-agent markets, where dozens of players were on the eve of spring training and after training. The players have proposed changes, eg. For example, the extension of the designated hit to the National League and the modification of the amateur draft to eliminate the number of teams veterans refuse to rebuild during one season.

The collective agreement of baseball ends by the end of the 2021 season, management seems ready to negotiate major changes in exchange for a longer period of time.

The agreement would also include:

– Increasing the minimum pitcher list for pitchers and the minimum recall time for pitchers 10 to 15 days from 2020.

– Beginning of additional All-Star game innings with one Runner on the second base.

– So that the MLB has the right to shorten the breaks between the innings.

The union planned MLB's proposal for a minimum of three strokes for pitchers is rejected, leaving MLB with the right to unilaterally implement it by 2020. Baseball Commissioner Rob Manfred has said he refuses to change pl rules without agreement with the players.

The MLB agreed not to pursue a pitch clock in the 2021 season.

The service distribution offer is similar to a contract that was included in the collective agreement in November 2016 but was reversed when the union withdrew.

The size of the roster was 25 more than a century ago. According to baseball almanac, the teams had 25 players from 1913 and since 1909 according to Peter Morris "A Game of Inches". Morris wrote that the limit had dropped in the First World War, then dropped to 25 and 1931 dropped to 23 because of the Depression. The maximum was lifted at the end of World War II and in 1949 due to the return of Mexican League players, Morris wrote.

The maximum until August 31 has been part of the collective bargaining deal since 1968. The teams were usually at maximum, except for the period of collusion between 1986 and 1989, when all clubs had the minimum of 24 men reached.

A 26th player has been allowed in for some day-night doubleheads since 2012 The expansion of the active squad to 40 on each September 1 led to complaints from teams and players that opponents have competed against teams with unevenly sized teams after how many smaller leaders had been called.


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