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Apex Legends & # 39; s Champion & # 39; s Bar & # 39; s; would make sweets even prettier Dexerto

Winning a game with Apex Legends can be both thrilling and unbelievably rewarding, and a new idea would give the player access to an exclusive portion of the game exclusively for Champions.

Respawn Entertainment's Battle Royale is fun The story depends on its premise: attendees take part in the Apex Games to find out who can be called a legend.

Reddit user & # 39; JR_Hopper & # 39; Therefore suggested that a Champions Bar should be included in the game where the recent match winners could see other players currently playing games.

The idea would be a clever and easy way to demonstrate a player's recent achievements, as the Redditor's proposal only allows players to step in if they have won a game in the last 24 hours.

In this exclusive lobby, players could meet other winners to either hang out or gather in a room full of small screens to watch live matches.

Respawn Entertainment

The Champion's Bar could provide another incentive to constantly play games for Champions screens.

The Champion's Bar proposed by JR_Hopper would allow players to watch the games through the perspective of each kill leader, giving the players currently in King's Canyon a new lease of life over.

The bar could also be used as a kind of matchmaking lobby, where a player can see his weapons and skins while waiting for a game.

Other commentators have quickly interfered in their ideas What the Champion's Bar might have in common with a user who said there might be a way to bet on live matches with game currency.

While Respawn does not care too much about gamers gambling through their games, the lobby might do so. A great way to dive into the world of the game.

Although Apex Legends players are likely to spend most of their time collecting kills in King's Canyon, this could be the champion's bar to be another incentive to knock out more games.

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