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Apex Legends players dominate solo mode by uniting

The new solos mode in Apex Legends is for anyone with only one winner.

The new mode, launched alongside the Iron Crown event, is a traditional Battle Royale setup where 60 players fall on the card and only one survives. In this mode everyone is there for themselves – at least theoretically. As it turns out, many people get together before the game starts and close pacts to form the final circle together.

Posts on Reddit (like this one) point to a problem in which players band together and give them a big edge over players who rightly play alone. As Eurogamer found, it is not difficult to hire a friend at the same time to land in the same solo round. You could do it four times out of five.

Solo is a limited option. Time event, but the game is also in hot water with fans for some expensive weapons that were introduced to the Iron Crown event ̵

1; the Raven's Crown Ax costs you $ 170, according to Kotaku. That's why many fans of Apex Legends are dissatisfied with the game this week.

It remains to be seen whether restrictions will be introduced for solos or if matchmaking will be changed. You can track changes made to Apex Legends through the game's public Trello board.

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