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Apple adds new USB-C cable for the Apple Watch

The Apple Watch has recently been updated. Now has his string too.

Apple very quietly added a new cable for its Apple Watch models in stores and online. It works similar to the previous cable with its round magnetic charger, but this time it uses a USB-C plug.

It may not seem like a big change, but the USB-C is fast becoming the right type of string. Many of Apple's own MacBook Pro laptops are only supplied with USB C ports, which could be a driving force for the new offering.

The new USB-C charger costs the same 29 as the USB-A types Apple Watches shipped in the past. However, the new USB-C version only comes in the smaller 0.3-meter size, while you also get the older cable for 1

or 2 meters.

With another Apple event around the corner, the new cord has been asking people if there will be more USB-C changes to its other products. The Apple event on October 30 is expected to showcase a new iPad series. It's also worth noting that while it looks like you can buy it online now and the new cable is added in stores, availability in the store is not until October 25th.

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