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Apple Axis AirPort, an 8K AR Headset, & # 39; iPhone SE 2 & # 39; s; Pictures & more

Apple finally admitted its lack of interest in Wi-Fi routers this week and killed them the AirPort line. Rumors now point to his interest in AR and VR, and the possibility that an "iPhone SE 2" might be just around the corner.

  AirPort Extreme

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All you need to know:

  • The AirPort and Time Capsule are no longer >>
  • Apple's future headset can handle both AR and VR at ultra-high resolutions >>
  • This is what "iPhone SE 2" might look >>
  • CEO Tim Cook met with US President Donald Trump >>
  • iOS 11.3.1 fixed a problem with replacing iPhone 8 displays >>
  • This year's 6.1 Inch LCD iPhone Can Use New Touch Tech >>
  • Apple Should Pay Its Irish Tax Bill in May >>

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A summary of all our hottest stories this week:

Apple is phasing out the AirPort Router product line, available while stocks last ranges

Apple's rumored AR & VR & # 39; T288 & # 39; Headset can use 8K eyepieces, implement WiGig

Alleged & # 39; iPhone SE 2 & # 39; discovered with glass back & headphone jack in new pictures

Tim Cook was & # 39; helpful & # 39; and promised jobs and factories in meetings, says White House

Apple's iOS 11.3.1 update fixes issue with third-party iPhone 8 displays, Mac OS security update released

Kuo: Coming 6.1-inch LCD iPhone can Skip 3D Touch in favor of better glass [19659018] Review: The Fibaro Button makes a HomeKit setup available to all for accessing

iTunes for Windows in the Microsoft Store

Apple sues $ 15,000 for violations in Apple Store evacuation exercise [19659017] Review: Blue Raspberry Gives Good Recording Quality for Mac and iPhone Users on the Road

Tim Cook and Lisa Jackson at President Trump's First State Dinner

Apple & Ireland's $ 16B EU tax ruling expected for fall, payments expected in May begin

Apple's & # 39; A12 chip supposedly in production with TSMC's 7 nm process

PM: 2018 iPad vs. 2017 iPad vs. 2017 10.5-inch iPad Pro Battery Tests

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