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Apple finally brings Microsoft Office to the Mac App Store, and there's a lot of fun – TechCrunch

This slow clapping that you hear on the internet today may be due to Apple finally adding Microsoft Office to the Mac App Store. The package will include Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and OneNote.

Shaan Pruden, Senior Director of Worldwide Developer Relations at Apple says, as the company overhauled the App Store last year, it added the ability to roll multiple apps into a subscription package with the idea of ​​Microsoft Office in to bring the fold. This lack of pooling was an obstacle to a previous partnership.

"One of the features that we specifically designed to work with Microsoft was the ability to subscribe to Bundles, which is obviously part of bringing Office 365 to the Mac App Store.

This is because Microsoft sold Office 365 subscriptions as a suite of applications and did not want to change them by forcing customers to download each one individually, Jared Spataro. Corporate Vice President for Microsoft 365 explained.

PowerPoint on the Mac. Photo: Apple

Spataro said customers could of course go directly to Microsoft or another merchant to subscribe to the same package. However, today's announcement is to integrate the subscription process into an integrated Mac where installation and installation take place. Updates are all done the same way you expect with macOS.

"The apps themselves are updated through the App Store, and we've done a lot of work between the two companies to make sure the experience feels and feels really good, as if it's fully integrated," he said. These include support for dark mode, photo continuity for easy insertion of photos in Apple Office apps, and touch-specific toolbar customization.

For a subscription, you receive $ 69 for an individual or $ 99 for a household. The latter allows up to six household members to use the subscription, and each person receives one terabyte of storage space. In addition, you can access your subscription from any of your Apple, Android and Windows devices, and your files, settings and presets are tracked from anywhere.

Businesses can order Microsoft Office packages through the App Store and then distribute them through the App Store Apple Business Manager, a tool developed by Apple last year to help IT distribute applications. Once installed, users have the same ability to access their subscriptions, including multi-device settings.

Microsoft OneNote on the Mac. Photo: Apple

While Apple and Microsoft have always had a complicated relationship, the two companies have been working together in one way or another for nearly three decades. None of the companies was willing to talk about the timetable needed to reach that point or about the financial arrangements between the two companies. In the standard split for subscriptions, the company receives 70 percent of the price in the first year, with Apple receiving 30 percent for hosting fees. That changes to an 85/15 split in the following years.

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