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Apple iOS app updates are republished for unknown reasons

If your iPhone or iPad contains dozens of apps that need unexpected updates, don’t worry: you are not alone. For some reason, Apple appears to be releasing recently released app updates, which means that users have to reinstall the latest version of some apps.

Among the edge Team, the number of unexpected updates ranged from less than twenty to almost 100, with updates from the beginning of the month reappearing from the depths of the App Store. Your experience of course depends on how many apps you have and how often you update them.

Why exactly these updates are being re-released is not clear, but how MacRumors notes that this may be related to a bug that appears to affect apps starting with iOS 1

3.5. This error caused some apps to be inaccessible. The error message informed the users: “This app will no longer be released for you.” The quick solution to make the app functional again without losing its settings and data is to outsource the app via Settings> General> iPhone storage and then reinstall it. We also don’t know what is causing this particular bug that is no longer shared with you, but the wording indicates an authentication or certification problem.

It’s possible that reissuing app updates should fix this bug, but that’s just a theory. Whatever the problem, it doesn’t seem to affect app functionality. Just update and keep going, a good motto for life in general.

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