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Apple iPhone iOS Vulnerability: Company logs back to Google

Cybersecurity researchers from Google's Project Zero have detailed the vulnerabilities in a blog post at the end of last month, describing a campaign that "iPhones en masse" over a period of "at least two years" by a small one Number of hacked sites to be exploited.
Apple ( AAPL ) denied these allegations in a statement released on Friday.

"The clever attack was tightly focused and not a widespread exploit of iPhones as described," the company said. It was said that the hacked sites that exploited the vulnerabilities were less than a dozen and contained mainly content related to the Uighur community a predominantly Muslim ethnic group from China's western Xinjiang region iOS patches give the wrong impression of "mass exploitation" to "monitor the private activities of whole populations in real time" and stir up the fear among all iPhone users that their devices have been compromised, "Apple said Case. "

The smartphone maker also disagreed with Google's claims regarding the duration of the attacks.

" All evidence suggests that these site attacks last only for a short period of time, about two months and not two. " Years, "as Google suggests, were effective." Apple added that it had fixed the security holes in February, 1

0T after learning about it.

"When Google contacted us, we were already fixing the exploits we were using," the company said.

Google ( togetL ) defended its findings in a statement to CNN Business.

"Project Zero publishes technical research that seeks to improve the understanding of security vulnerabilities, leading to better defense strategies," the company said. "We stand by our in-depth investigation, which focuses on the technical aspects of these vulnerabilities, and we will continue to work with Apple and other leading companies to ensure people's safety on the Internet," the software says shortly before [19659005] Media event on Tuesday, at which a new set of iPhones to be presented.

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As the implications of the vulnerabilities found by Google researchers were downplayed, Apple tried to improve the security of its iPhone users Equipment.

"Regardless of the extent of the attack, we take the security of all users very seriously," it said. "Our product safety teams around the world are constantly working to introduce new protection and patch vulnerabilities as they are found, and we will never stop our tireless work to ensure the safety of our users."

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