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Apple MacBook keyboard problem calls lawsuit

On its website, Apple addresses the butterfly mechanism.

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If you're having trouble with your MacBook keyboard, you're not alone. And now the problem can go to court.

A class action lawsuit filed on Friday says that people who bought a MacBook or MacBook Pro equipped with Apple's "Butterfly" keyboard are "constantly faced with unresponsive keys and keyboard errors," Apple blames consumers to warn about the problem.

Apple has not responded to a request for comment.

The lawsuit, filed in Northern California's US District Court, follows blog posts, tweets, comments from support forums, a petition from Change.org, and even a satirical song and video about the allegedly jacky keyboards ,

Apple introduced its "Butterfly" 201

5 switch on the 12-inch MacBook . The hardware replaced the traditional "scissors mechanism" under each key and should be more stable, responsive and comfortable (as Apple says on its website). For some users, things did not seem to have developed that way.

People have complained that they have to go without a computer for a week or more while Apple has replaced not just the unresponsive key, but a substantial portion of their MacBook. And that was when her laptop was still under warranty. Others, less fortunate, have said that the warranty outside the warranty can cover $ 700 .

Critics say that Apple has addressed less than the problem. In June, the company's customer service team released a webpage that describes how can clean the keyboard with a compressed air can (some people say that does not always work or that the problem repeats themselves). In March, reports emerged about Apple, which filed a patent for a crumpled MacBook keyboard .

The keyboard suit, which was announced by Apple Insider, calls MacBooks of 2015 or later and MacBook Pros of 2016 or later, and it is said thousands of consumers have broken down.

The lawsuit seeks class-action lawsuits, among other things, requiring that Apple be forced to pay back "the broken type of MacBooks" and "plaintiffs and class members for all costs related to repairing or replacing defective MacBook laptops are, including economic losses through the purchase of replacement laptops. "

Girard Gibbs Ltd., the law firm plaintiff, has a website about the" butterfly "keyboard problem. The company did not return a call for an additional comment.

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