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Apple may need to approve India's anti-spam app in six months

Based on the wording of the rule, as reported by India Today operators have six months to ensure that the devices they offer are able to install the app. If some of the models in their roster are still unable to install them, they must suspend their access to their networks:

"Every access provider must ensure that all smartphones are up and running within six months. Devices registered in their network support the permissions required for the functioning of such apps, as required by regulations 6 (2) (e) and 23 (2) (d).

Provided that such devices are functioning as required by law 6 (2) (e) and Regulation 23 (2) (d), access providers must, at the direction or authority's instructions, deregister such devices from their telecommunications networks. "

Latest this year, Apple agreed to TRAI in development support a version of the anti-spam app that does not have some of the most worrying features, such as accessing call logs. It is not clear whether the company can publish the revised application within the next six months or whether it needs to change its mind. As India Today states, iOS 1

2 already has built-in anti-spam features – Cupertino may be able to take advantage of this.

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