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Apple modular Mac Pro launch in 2019, formed new engineering group to ensure the future of the hardware

A redesigned, modular Mac Pro in April 2017 for pros looking to upgrade faster will not ship until 2019, Apple announced Thursday

  The Mac Pro has not seen a major update since 2013.

The Mac Pro has not seen a major update since 2013.

"We want to be transparent and openly communicate with our pro community so we know that the Mac Pro is a product of 201

9. That's nothing for this year," Apple's senior director of Mac hardware product Marketing, Tom Boger, said TechCrunch . The general manager added that Apple is now informing people, as professional customers could weigh whether to buy an iMac Pro or wait a few months longer.

Apple's global marketing director Phil Schiller confirmed that the work continues on a stand-alone monitor. In fact, the company has created a newly disclosed group named "Pro Workflow Team" under the direction of John Ternus and works closely with engineers. The company hires full-time and contracted artists to create media projects to test Apple's hardware and software.

"We focused on visual effects and video editing as well as 3D animation and music production," Ternus said. "And we've brought in an incredible amount of talent, really masters of their trade, and now they're sitting and building internal processes with real content, really looking for bottlenecks, what are the weak points, how can we improve things, and then we take them Information, where we find them, and we go into our architectural team and our performance architects and penetrate really deeper and find out where the bottleneck is.If it is the operating system, it is in the drivers application, it is in the silicon and then lead Put it on the ground to fix it. "

" We said at the meeting last year that the pro community is not a deal, "Ternus added. There are many different types of professionals and obviously they really go deep into the hardware and software and push everything to their limits, so we need to engage with customers to really understand them. " Since we want to offer complete pro solutions, we not only supply large hardware, but also do it with iMac Pro. But look at everything holistically. "

All efforts go beyond the iMac Pro and the 2019 Mac Pro – with external GPU technology emerging from it – the Pro group as a whole not only examines customer workflows in detail, but also examines the culture of Apple's hardware development and how the company makes decisions about what it builds and how it does it.

"We're away from just you know, engineering Macs and software actually add to a workflow engineering and really understanding of soup too Nuts, every single phase of the process, where those bottlenecks are, where we can optimize that, "says Boger." As we build the hardware, firmware, operating system, software, and these tight relationships with third-party vendors, we can handle the entire stack attack and we can really figure out where we are, we can optimize performance. "

When asked if Mac Pro was scheduled for 2018, Apple denies that the Road map changed. In addition, Ternus and Boger made it clear that the design process still places a "modular" approach in the machine's focus – but not in great detail.

"I do not think so The timeline has changed fundamentally," says Ternus. "I think that's just a situation where we want to measure and slice twice, and we want to make sure that we can create a truly thought-out platform for what our pro-customers are doing today, but also what you will become And in order to do it right, we focus on that. "

" There is an absolute need for modularity in certain places, "said Ternus. "But it's also very clear that the iMac form factor or the MacBook Pros can be exceptionally good tools."

Apple's unexpected announcement in April 2017 came after years of concern from professional users, many of whom believed that Apple had abandoned the software professional market. In its meeting with journalists, Apple revealed that most professional users rely on the MacBook Pro or iMac, while the Mac Pro only has a low single-digit percentage market share.

At that time, he promised an iMac with "Server Grade" components arrived in 2017, with the iMac Pro being announced at WWDC 2017, and shipping in late December.

"One of the good things, hopefully, with Apple over the years," said Schiller in April 2017, "was the willingness to say that if something is not quite what we wanted, we did not live up to expectations not to be afraid to admit it and look for the next answer. "


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