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Apple prohibits the distribution of Facebook's internal apps

The big news in the tech industry yesterday was a secret Facebook app that paid teens for their data. TechCrunch said that the company had registered users aged 13-35 for the Facebook Research app, which enabled them to access the user's privacy, and it has just come to a much bigger problem: Apple. According to reports, Apple has banned the distribution of iOS apps according to Facebook. The company is currently unable to distribute internal, early versions of its apps such as Messenger, WhatsApp and Instagram internally to developers and employees.

The reason? Facebook has actually used Apple's Developer Enterprise program for the company's Facebook research program. And this program is for internal distribution of apps only – not for research purposes or for paying users for their privacy. Rightly, Apple is very angry.

"We developed our Enterprise Developer program solely for internal distribution of apps within an organization. Facebook has used its membership to distribute a data-gathering app to consumers, which is a clear violation of the agreement with Apple. Any developer who uses his company certificates to distribute apps to consumers will be banned from using the certificates. In this case, we did this to protect our users and their data, "the company said in a statement Developer Certificates, which means that Facebook can not distribute any more internal apps to employees – of course, through the Research App It's not clear whether Facebook will be back in the program with new certificates and whether Apple will change its mindset.

It's a big deal for Facebook, which used the Enterprise Developer Program to provide early versions of its apps to developers and developers The company's main focus was to test new functions, and if Apple does not change its mind and provides Facebook with new certificates, it will have difficulty distributing those new features internally before they're made public really slow down the development of Facebook's products.

In Given Apple's recent commitment to privacy, the company is unlikely to let this happen. Facebook and Apple do not have very good relationships, and the last incident worsens the situation.

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