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Apple Significantly Expands Seattle Engineering Office to Accommodate 475 People

Apple is reportedly about to move to another floor at Two Union Square, Seattle In all, there is a presence on five floors of the skyscraper.

  Two Union Square, on the left.

Two Union Square on the left.

The upcoming expansion will bring Apple's footprint to over 70,000 square feet, seating 350 to 475 people, GeekWire said, citing permits, as well as visits to the location. Apple has so far refused to comment on this issue, showing little evidence of its presence in the building itself, except for readers wiping the Apple ID badges.

Apple has launched its engineering firm in Seattle in 201

4, local cloud computing startup, Union Bay Networks. Since then, the office has grown several times, and in 2016, Apple's Turi acquisition heralded the transformation of the facility into a center for AI and machine learning.

The company currently has 19 vacancies that not only cover the above areas such as Natural Language Processing and Smarthome Technology

Seattle is a cheap city for Apple since Amazon and Microsoft have their headquarters and other tech companies as Facebook and Google have a large presence. This makes collaboration – and poaching – easier, although Apple workers can also be recruited.

The company appears to be increasing its focus on AI and machine learning after being criticized for weaknesses in Siri, especially in relation to the HomePod. Recently, for example, he hired John Giannandrea from Google to direct future efforts.

Apple's rigorous privacy policy has forced him to use creative means to "sly" Siri, but even then, the assistant was criticized as less capable than Amazon and Google alternatives. For example, on the HomePod, Apple Music and iTunes are the only native-supported music services, and support for third-party apps is limited and dependent on an iOS device.

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