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Apple Taps LG to make OLED displays for the next iPhones, but Samsung remains

Apart from Samsung Apple will apparently get OLED displays from LG. It raises the question of whether LG can reach Samsung's excellence in display production. ( Justin Sullivan | Getty Images )

Too much reliance on a single company is bad for any business, especially if that company is your harshest rival.

Apple knows that a lot is true, so it is trying to slowly swing from Samsung, which is currently the only provider of OLED displays for the iPhone X stands. Not for long, though.

Apple gets OLED displays from LG as well

According to Bloomberg, Apple has turned to LG to be an alternative provider of OLED panels for the iPhone X and future devices. With LG as a secondary supplier, the Cupertino brand can get the displays faster and save costs. Part of the reason why the iPhone X is so expensive is due to its state-of-the-art OLED display, which is curved inwards, so the phone itself has no chin.

If true, this could be a blow to Samsung's business. Because it is the only manufacturer of OLED displays for Apple's flagship device, it can charge insane prices, as there is simply no other company that makes OLED panels as excellent as Samsung. But with a second source, Samsung now has to compete with LG.

Tides have changed, it seems. Maybe LG has upgraded its display department and now can produce panels that can compete sufficiently with Samsung displays. Bloomberg says LG will provide between 2 and 4 million OLED panels as part of its first transaction. But that's nothing compared to Samsung's deal to make 1

00 million.

LG, that should be noted, is not unknown in displays. The South Korean company recently produced OLED displays again last year with the V30. However, critics say that the quality of this phone's screen is not as remarkable as Samsung's OLED displays, and LG also has to accept that it has a lower production capacity.

Samsung's Dilemma

Even if Samsung still has reason enough to be worried. It was reported last February that the company had to reduce its OLED production because fewer iPhone X devices were sold than expected, which also led it to look for other customers.

For Apple, that's quite a risk. The screen of the V30 has been severely criticized as being below average for Samsung, and Apple, of course, is a company that thrives on the "premium" and "it just works" qualities of its products. Time will tell how everything will succeed.

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