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Apple TV + needs more than just A-list talent

The back half of the event did not seem to please ordinary users at all and felt like an industry event. In addition, Apple's playing field to get customers to spend money on the streaming TV service was vague. If the selling point is that Apple has the money to buy all those stars, it's hardly unique.

It is not just the "peak TV" era that has led to many Hollywood TV talents being seen on many television programs. HBO has a long history of top talent in its series in front of and behind the camera. Tidal was also a streaming service, which was sold as a weighty catalog of top-class exclusive artists. And how did that work?

Apple is never the first company to do anything, but makes a virtue of its delay by improving the existing. It was not the first smartwatch, tablet, smartphone, or music player, but it was certainly one of the best. However, it's hard to say that Apple has done everything to improve it, as we see from Netflix, Amazon, Hulu and even YouTube.

I expected Apple to showcase a series of stunning television contests Somehow, only Apple could deduct its experience and money. What we got, however, was a series of backward steps: Amazing Stories Oprah and a show of the stars of Friends and The Office . Even the children's offers went back in the form of a spin-off in the Sesame Street on the glory days of the PBS. It's worth noting that HBO has a long-term exclusivity agreement with the sesame workshop.

It's hard to see what Apple is doing, but it's not done elsewhere with much less fanfare. Netflix and Amazon have sought to target developers who are not within the traditional system and have activated under-represented voices. The big studios, now dominated by Disney, produce family-friendly food that Tim Cook allegedly pushed to Apple.

Apple gave no indication of how much TV + would cost, but the price is a deciding factor for the signing of the people above. Given the range of available streaming services, Apple can not simply say that it has a premium service and is waiting for the audience. If it's cheaper than Hulu ($ 1

2) or Netflix ($ 13), it's easier to sell than the monthly cost of HBO ($ 15).

The company has been in this position before, and its products were ridiculed during this time. Hardware offerings like the Watch and the iPad were not warmly received, but quietly beat their categories. The service business of Apple, including iCloud and Maps, had a rockier life. In my opinion, Apple Music is the Spotify successor, and iCloud is still fraught with problems.

There is also a lot to say about the default setting, as TV + will be available on every iOS device used. This will guarantee the platform a large audience around the world, but will it be as conquering as Netflix? That's harder to say, especially since Netflix, Amazon and others are all working to expand their content libraries.

Apple's pitch seemed to be for family-friendly television, while Netflix, Amazon, and other series are creating ever more fragmented audiences. And it will be hard to justify paying for TV + if all you receive is the tariff that you already receive for free for ABC, NBC and CBS. Not to mention the imminent threat of Disney +, which will include many popular, family-friendly content.

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