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Apple Watch and iPhone have opted for a large joint replacement for a clinical trial

Zimmer Biomet partnered with Apple to use the Apple Watch and iPhone as part of a clinical trial. The work includes a new app called mymobility that allows hip and knee replacement patients to get in touch with their healthcare professionals. The aim of the study is to determine the effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of the app and devices for these patients.

Zimmer Biomet has paired its study participants with an Apple Watch and the mymobility app, which are used by patients during their joint replacement experience. The company says its app and Apple's wearable will serve the patient as a "virtual and continuous care team."

The app is used to provide guidance and support to these patients before and after joint replacement surgery. Surgeons are now receiving data collected from the two patient-related projects. Physicians can send their patients memory and educational information, and so on.

In addition, physicians can directly see their patients' activity levels in the weeks before and after surgery. Several hospitals, exercise groups and academic centers are participating in the study, which can involve up to 1

0,000 subjects in the United States.

About the study, Apple COO Jeff Williams, who said:

We believe One of the best ways to empower consumers is to give them the opportunity to use their health and activity information to make their own Care to improve. We are proud to give knee and hip replacement patients the opportunity to use their own data and share them seamlessly with their physicians so they can take part in their care and recovery, as was previously not possible with traditional personal visits. This solution will continually connect consumers with their physicians before and after surgery.

SOURCE: Zimmer Biomet

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