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Apple's AirPower receives the ax, Rickshaws a boost and more news

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Spend One on Apple's AirPower Project

Apple's AirPower, the company's infamous promise to provide a wireless charging capability, is officially dead Apple unveiled the project in 2017 with a lot of applause, but hesitated when it came to specifying an actual release date. Eventually they killed the project after concluding it would "fail to meet our high standards". Probably that this was not "just work".

India's rickshaws go electric

When most people think of electric cars, they think of Tesla and the Prius. But in India, where rickshaws (or tuk-tuks) rule, gas is used to trade for replaceable batteries. Not only does this move end the Paris Climate Agreement, it also improves the air conditions that are among the worst in the world. Because the batteries are interchangeable, drivers do not have to wait for a load to get back on the road. Replace your battery with a full one and you've been through the traffic in no time.

Al Gore likes the Green New Deal

Al Gore did not invent the Green New Deal, but he chooses it. "Okay, you can just call it, you can call it naive, but the Americans understand it, they say," Yes, we're for a Green New Deal. Now clarify the details. "Tell the Congress Feels the Same."

Cocktail Conversation

This weekend marks the 20th anniversary of The Matrix .What raises all questions: Red pill or blue pill? We'll answer all that and much more this weekend with our coverage, but you can start your celebration with the best 1

1 Matrix scenes, ranked.

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