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Apple's apology for the MacBook keyboard proves that we need a new MacBook keyboard

If both Apple fans and critics agree on one thing, the MacBook keyboard is shitty Since Apple introduced the butterfly mechanism with the redesigned MacBook in 2015, Apple notebook users have a love-hate relationship with their Macs. Like in, they love everything about the MacBook, but they hate the keyboard hate .

In response to the increasing criticism of noise, travel and dust entering the keyboard of the keyboard – named after the shape of the keyboard hinges under the keys – Apple has taken several steps. Initially, a MacBook and MacBook Pro Keyboard Service Program was launched, offering a free repair for devices manufactured between 201

5 and 2017 that contain letters or characters that repeat, do not appear, or generally do not respond consistently. There is no guarantee that Apple will repair your computer, mind you, but anyone who has bought a MacBook or MacBook Pro in those years can try their luck at an Apple Store.

  macbook air butterfly Apple

The Butterfly Although the keys on the MacBook look cool, they are a problem, to say the least.

Even with the free repair, these are pretty big problems for notebooks, which can cost up to $ 2,500. Therefore, Apple has tried to solve the problem with the latest MacBook Pro refresh by attaching a silicone membrane under each button to prevent dirt from entering. The small rubber band also dampens the sound of the keys and makes them a little bit lighter. This attempt to repair the Butterfly keyboard should be the right one, and finally, the latest MacBook Pro was not part of the repair program.

But as a stopover, it's not a very good one. Long-time journalist and Apple user Johanna Stern wrote this week a column for the Wall Street Journal, which makes the keyboard of the latest MacBook Air absolutely rude. This is exactly the same thing that should actually cure the problems of the MacBook Pro. She writes of "the pain of using an Apple laptop keyboard that has failed after four months" and an "insanely irritating" experience.

Missing Points (and Letters)

To bring home her point, Stern offers several options to read the article: with or without E and R and with or without double E or double T, and imitate What Stern says, the most common problems MacBooks have with theirs and those of other users. It also suggests a number of tips to keep the keyboard of your Air working. These include spraying with a can of compressed air, using an external keyboard (which I do when writing this story on a MacBook) and instead an HP Specter. 19659010] MacBook Pro Touchbar with Function Keys "width =" 1200 "height =" 800 "data-imageid =" 100788787 "data-license =" IDG "/> Leif Johnson

The keys of the MacBook Pro are barely

They think that one of the most respected journalists in the world makes a serious impression, but that is not the case, instead apologizing to the "small number of users who have problems with theirs Third-generation Butterfly keyboard. "This is Apple's for" We know it's a problem, but it's not widespread enough to do anything about it. "So you just have to worry about it."

Also, Apple can not do much at the moment, and while adding the new MacBook Pro and MacBook Air to the Keyboard Service program is only a temporary solution, Stern's experience suggests that this might be a big deal The problem is not confined to a few computers, despite Apple claims. It is a systematic error of the butterfly keyboard experiment that worsens with use. And it has to work.

Scissor Beats Butterfly

When the butterfly mechanism arrived in 2016 with the MacBook, it was called a breakthrough in keyboard design. Apple said it was more comfortable and responsive than the traditional scissors keys on previous MacBooks, and praised the precision, accuracy and stability of its incredibly flat hinges. And it's also 40 percent thinner, of course.

  MacBook Butterfly Keys Apple

At the MacBook unveiling, Apple praised the new butterfly mechanism as a "nice typing experience" for usability. Post-2015 MacBook keys are virtually flat to the point, and even with just half a millimeter of stroke, they are noisy, not the charming nature of mechanical keyboards. If I type on my, my wife has to leave the room.

Instead of allowing mistakes and stopping the new mechanism, Apple has doubled and tripled it. Every MacBook now uses the butterfly mechanism, so they're all terrible. The only MacBook that is not the actual one is the old Air, which is a terrible buy for $ 999 for various reasons. Basically, the Apple Store does not have a MacBook that does not make any serious compromises. And that's just not acceptable.

Back to the writing board

If Apple can apologize for the problem, he is aware of it. If the problem is known, it can be fixed. The official repair program for older laptops and a technical error in Jerry's engineering are clearly not working. Apple has to admit that the butterfly mechanism just does not cut it.

  macbook air 2018 backlight Jason Cross / IDG

The MacBook Pro keyboard is beautiful in the dark, as long as no one tries to sleep while writing.

Or just go back to the old way. Curiously, Apple's Magic Keyboard still uses the old scissor keys and feels a lot better than the MacBook (despite its own problems with the viewing angle and the lack of backlighting), and I'm ready to bet all that with the upcoming new one Mac will be delivered Pro will too. The world would be a better place if Apple simply put this keyboard (backlit) in their MacBooks.

This is unlikely. Instead, Apple will develop a new method with a new name and new superlatives that they will claim are better than what we have now. It's good. I do not need Mea Culpa. I do not need any further apologies. Just stop storing a keyboard that is not suitable for anyone and send something else.

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