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Apple's new TV looks a lot like the old TV

Apple was busy distributing news and magazines, a new credit card and games before moving on to Hollywood's business, where the message was: "We're coming in. Watch all these celebrities!

The main problem is that while all the previous flourishes evolutionarily felt – like the next-generation applications in each of these areas – the model for program distribution and original production was essentially Apple's complement to what everyone else is trying to do , to do that.

The new boss still looks very much like the old one – maybe a polished crease, but hardly a revolution.

In fact, the main use of the festivities programming area is that there is no reinvention of the wheel ̵

1; that Apple is in the same business as networks, studios and streamers, wooing talents and looking for hits. The same was true of efforts to rationalize distribution, although at least the selling point there – a more a la carte approach where you pay "only for what you want" – has a clear potential benefit for the consumer.

  Director Steven Spielberg speaks during the launch of Apple TV +.
In contrast, even big show business names are trotting – Bookended by Steven Spielberg and Oprah Winfrey The result was an unintentional reunion of "The Color Purple" – giving the impression of a traditional TV front show starring filmmakers and filmmakers Buyers of the media seem to help.

Perhaps Apple's executives proved more effective at pitching their products than the celebrity joke that has been heard by every seasoned participant in Upfront's annual ritual.

Yes, Apple had a large wattage on the treadmill. But so many other services and networks that can present their own movie stars and Oscar winners do as well. After all, Reese Witherspoon is on another HBO show, and it's not that Apple will be the exclusive platform for projects by Spielberg, J.J. Abrams or Winfrey.

Apple's relentlessly optimistic CEO Tim Cook emphasized the power of television and its ability to do good around the world. There's nothing to support this idea more than joining forces with Winfrey, who is one of the few talents who has turned the broccoli TV, often referred to as a ridicule, into a viable utility vehicle. 19659002] In most cases, Apple's programming range could easily have landed on any other premium platform. And just because of the volume, it seems to be rather a beautification of the proposed distribution model than the main reason why they have been working for it.

The billions of Apple, like other major tech rivals, instantly see the company as a force – and be reckoned with.

Although television marked the highlight of the presentation on Monday, it was one of those live shows in which the opening numbers openly outperformed the headliner.

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