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April Full Moon 2018: When is the Pink Moon and what is the best? | Science | news

In Europe, sky gazers may see the full moon peak one hour after midnight on April 30, and in the US, the full moon will appear in the sky a few hours earlier on Sunday.

The full pink moon will peak towards the end of the month on Sunday, April 29 at 8:58 pm EDT and on Monday April 30th in the UK at 1:58 pm BST.

In London, the Moon will rise above the horizon at 8:42 am BST on Sunday 29 April

The name Pink Moon comes from one of the first spring flowers, Wild Ground Phlox, also known as Moss Phlox (Phlox subulate) they cover the ground like a pink blanket, according to the farmer's almanac [19659005Dhoring-dyedbloodsinindNorthamericahometownandfloweringfrequentlybythetimeofFullmooninApril

The tiny flowing plant is distinguished by its distinct shades of rich pink and blooms in spring.

The Moon is also known as the burgeoning Grasmond, the Eimond and the Fishmoon ̵

1; due to the influx of Shad fish swimming upstream at this season.

The next full moon on April 29 will take place exactly two weeks after the last new moon on April 15th.

The time of the full moon depends on where the moon is located orbit around the earth – so the actual time of the full moon for certain places may be in daylight.

Those on the east coast of the United States will have the chance to see an almost full moon around 7.30pm, according to Space.com

The Moon and the Sun will share Heaven for a short time even in New York as the Sun goes down twenty minutes after moonrise.

The moon needs about 29.5 days to go through all its phases, meaning a full moon every month on average.

The full moon of April is also called the Easter moon in the Christian calendar because it is used to calculate the date for Easter – the first Sunday after – the Easter moon is Easter Sunday.

However, this year, East He fell on April 1 because of the Blue Moon on April 31 – the second full moon in March.

The Theravada Buddhist traditions use the full moon of April to mark the New Year – this New Year's version is commonly celebrated in Thailand, Myanmar and Sri Lanka.

A full moon typically occurs once a month during a calendar year – because the moon takes 29.5 days to complete the lunar cycle, so full moons do not appear regularly.

Full moons will appear on different dates each year, such as last year's Pink Moon on the night of Tuesday, April 11th.

While next year the Pink Moon will reach its peak on the night of April 19th.

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