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ArcheAge Unchained had a gamebreaking gold exploit fixed


ArcheAge Unchained currently in a bit of a crisis due to an exploit being used by some players to collect 800 gold every day relatively easily. This means that players were racking up thousands of gold which is more than other players could farm over several months. Some players believe this isn’t an exploit or bug as the ArchePass quests can give crazy amounts of gold at the Ancestral Level but it does need balancing.


However, the developer has stated that “there is an issue currently with the high-level missions from ArchePass which is a problem. According to their statement, “it has been identified that these missions can be completed repeatedly to earn higher than intended quantities of gold” which means this is indeed an exploit. So, it̵

7;s a real way to grind out some gold quickly and is something players can do so they don’t need to farm for or purchase ArcheAge Unchained gold on sites such as Eldorado gg right? Well, it’s an exploit and with like most other MMO games, abusing it is against the Terms of Service all users sign when they first play the game.


While it might be tempting to use exploits to get some gold quick, you do need to be aware that there are risks to doing so. The statement from Carendash ends with “As with other actions that we consider exploits or abuse that is in violation of our Terms of Service, we will be taking a zero-tolerance approach to this. Disregarding this warning, or attempting to transfer gains earned by these violations will not be tolerated.”. Clearly then, something is going to happen to those who have been abusing this bug to gain a load of ArcheAge Unchained gold without needing to do much work. In a MMORPG like this one where gold is very important, it’s actually gamebreaking.


The team has reduced the amount of AcheAge Unchained gold earned from the ArchePass missions going forward so it’s a maximum of 10 gold per mission. Which means a few players have ruined the system for everyone else.


Additionally, the team decided to go with a zero-tolerance policy which does mean a lot of players have been banned. Over 200 accounts have been permanently banned as they “participating in high level abuse of the system” even after a previous warning was released. They are also tracking down items and gold that were moved to different accounts which were gained from the exploits and will be dealing with them as well. In other words, accounts found in violation do not get a second chance. However, some accounts were unbanned after some careful reviews to confirm they were not abusing World Boss resets.


This incident is another reminder that using exploits is not something that should ever be done for some extra in-game cash. They typically end in account bans these days and there are few cases where second chances are given. Using them is a good way to lose everything on your account. There are other ways to farm some gold or premium currency in games, including in ArcheAge Unchained.

Keep an eye on the posts here for guides tips & tricks and more relating to farming all that precious currency the legal way in different games. The methods we post here won’t get your account banned, we promise!