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Are Jim Parsons and Johnny Galecki of "The Big Bang Theory" friends in real life?

While you will find a small contingent of people who have never received The Big Bang Theory you will find many more who have appreciated it from the first day. You can not fake chemistry as we've seen on the show for the past 12 years. Part of it has to be because the cast is all friends, right?

After all indications the cast was real friends all the time. Considering that Parsons Sheldon Cooper and Galeckis Leonard Hofstadter once lived in the same apartment, everyone still wants to know if they are just simpatic geek comrades as in the show.

Let's take a few minutes to find out how they got along, something not always a pleasant reality in the world of television.

Galecki was originally to Sheldon

  Jim Parsons and Johnny Galecki
Jim Parsons and Johnny Galecki | Michael Yarish / CBS via Getty Images

The friendship between Parsons and Galecki could have been radically different if the latter had stolen the role of Sheldon Cooper. Producers for TBBT first offered Galecki the role of Sheldon, though Johnny had preferred the Leonard role from the start.

He said in interviews that he found the Leonard role more interesting (though possibly more annoying) because it was such an atypical role of what he had previously done Sheldon It was also clear that the chemistry between Galecki and Parsons Gold was from the beginning, though both were not so leprous in real life.

Imagine how tense it would have been if Galecki had played the Sheldon role and Parsons had instead played Leonard. This turn of destiny is occasionally happening in real television comedies and dramas.

Fortunately, Parsons and Galecki have the vision of The Big Bang Theory

The friendship between Parsons and Galecki has an emotional connection

We have already found that the best marriages and friendships are usually through something emotional in the past every person will be fueled. During the collaboration, Parsons and Galecki discovered that both have lost their fathers in tragic accidents.

Galecki reportedly lost his father in a car accident when he was only 16 years old. Parsons also lost his father in a car accident just a few years before TBBT began.

No doubt they had talks about it and probably had a closer connection. No wonder they were so perfectly attuned to the show without being forced to do so.

Secrets like this sometimes explain the almost magical chemistry we've seen in casts in classic sitcoms.

Their close friendship resulted in an agreement such as & # 39; TBBT & # 39; ends

According to an interview on Entertainment Tonight, Parsons, Galecki (and Kaley Cuoco) have been in agreement for some time, as TBBT should raise above.

If you see them all on the same page with the authors about the result, there is a good feeling when looking at other internal conflicts on series finals.

The Knowledge TBBT had lasting friendships for a solid 12-year existence Give the fans a good feeling when they believe that the relationships of reality come as close as possible. Even though we know that most performers in real life are far from freaks, the continued respect for the other makes their credibility all the more credible. No wonder Galecki and Parsons keep telling that there's no dry eye on the movie when the last episode was recorded. Their strong connection leaves us wondering if they really can stay apart months and years after the recent TBBT studies.

Will Parsons and Galecki ever return to their classic roles?

If you look at Galeckis television history, he has numerous ironic connections to various television programs (including Roseanne ). There's always a good chance he and Parsons will work together again, if not in their TBBT roles.

The only reason we're saying that sitcom restarts are likely to last a while is just possible time for a possible TBBT reboot. If that's not the case, TV reboots will eventually become one of the worst and most disapproved trends.

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