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Are rocket warriors defined by the official?

Ask some Olds and they'll tell you that the Warriors and the Rockets ruined the basketball. Golden State formed an unbeatable super team, and Houston brooded a highly effective but slowly disturbing offense that some people simply do not like . At that time, these competitive differences never existed (except when it did), and the best teams were not that hard to watch (unless they were). Do not forget that there have been superteams for decades, that the Warriors have developed this list by recruiting intelligent and smarter designs, that plans in basketball, as in any sport, are evolving with rule changes, or that Houston's strategy with Golden State Solution for the complaint "No one can beat the warriors".

No matter who does not care. Go on your lawn and stay there all series. Golden State and Houston play in the second round of the NBA playoffs, and it's one of the best damned matchups we get in the postseason. And for (hopefully!) Seven games I hope these Olds will do something they have not done since the 90s: These teams do not ruin the basketball, they give him a heart transplant.

But there's a way warriors and missiles can ruin the fun by making this series a referendum on referees. Both sides felt wrong by reigning Game 1

, which lost Houston 104-100. But the reaction after the game was much more than the usual words of the press conference that we expect when a team with the officials has beef. It was followed by detailed reports, months of planning, underhand and childish refutations. Here's a FAQ with everything you need to know about Ref Gate to get started in Game 2:

What did it all start with?

Part of the Rockets brand complains officially. They have an average of three game-play strikes, six serious hands in the air, and ten confused crosscourt looks. Chris Paul was fined this season for a flogging. James Harden was fined for criticizing a referee; P. J. Tucker was ejected for ref. There are many, many more examples, including one from Sunday's game.

At about nine seconds and Houston from 103-100, Harden tried a 3-pointer that Draymond Green had denied.

At first glance Harden lands monstrously in Green's room, though Green also moves forward as he tries to shut himself down. The NBA rules state that a defender must have room for the shooter to "safely return to the ground." This has a favorable effect for Harden, as he inevitably hops and lands in different places. His sales pitch, which no active player can reach to Harden's degree, lands his feet forward while holding his upper body slightly back, creating the illusion that Harden held his position.

However, no whistle was heard from any member of the acting crew. Paul was ejected five seconds later after receiving his second technical game for arguing with a referee.

"Call the game the way it should be called and that's it," Harden said after the loss, "and I'll live with the results, but most of all, we all know what happened to Kawhi a few years back That may change the entire series. "Harden referred to the opening match of the Western Conference Finals 2017, which saw Leonard injured for a ruthless failure by Zaza Pachulia, and although Harden's implication has some merit, she ignores the context That his defenders rarely endanger Harden's landing grounds – it's Harden who tries to position his landing pad to foul, and many of Harden's games depend on coming to the line, and this season alone he has Pulled 95 fouls in 3-point attempts.

Harden's grudge on the podium also stems from what happened behind closed doors in the middle of the game. Sam Amick of The Athletic [1 9459005] Coach Mike D & # 39; Antoni and Harden claim that the referees approached them at halftime, admitting they missed four missed calls on four separate 3-point strikes. They were probably expecting a course correction, and when the game was decided by a perceived no-call (as confirmed by the NBA's Last Two Minute Report), Houston decided to release its year-round pet project.

Sorry, Pet Project?

Aka the Morey reports. Amick reported on Sunday that the Rockets organization has been tracking the accuracy of disgusting calls for "quite a long time" and scouring the match report for each game Houston played in (the NBA does not give the teams any reports for the games.) were not involved in determining whether officials missed calls with any prejudices in one way or another. I have some questions here, including whether the analysts worked overtime and whether they needed three years of FBI experience to qualify for the job.

The theory of Houston – again according to the NBA's own game data – proved to be correct. (Amazingly, as the team scored the seventh most free throws during the regular season and Harden led all on average 11 players per game.) Ultimate calls were worst missed, the report concluded in Game 7 of the Western Conference 2018 Final. The missiles lost at nine to the warriors; The report found that Houston subsequently earned 18 additional points as a result of 81 missed calls. Eighty one!

What are the warriors angry about?

If the players are crazy about calling Harden out of the area, the beard does not care. Harden perfected his Shimmy long ago, a mixture of timid hesitation and a well-sold shoulder. Anyway, it never fails, that a defender feels after the game as misfortune and carp. Sunday was different because Harden's final shot was not called a foul. So Green agreed with the referee's decision:

"If you land three feet before the ball is dropped, that's not really my problem," Green said. "I've been fooled by James once before with a James-3 pointer."

Golden State also believed that it had earned more bad calls, especially for Kevin Durant, who ended up playing 15 free throws.

Who made a fool of himself in this saga?

For all the Harden suits and the exaggerated, obsessive line sketches Steve Kerr has looked the worst (at the moment – the series is young). Before he dealt with the complaints of the missiles during a press conference, he mimicked a flop. Tire!

"The reality is that you get some, you lose some," Kerr – same trainer, who was fined in 2016 for criticizing a reigning team – said "The referees are doing the best they can and you are moving on to the next game."

What will happen next?

Remember the punishment of Harden I mentioned earlier this season? That was the result of the criticism he made against Scott Foster, a referee who seems to be always at the other end of the Houston world, especially for Paul and Harden, in order to formalize controversy. Three of the four games Harden had fled in the last three seasons were in games . After Harden's scooping in February, the Foster league did not place in another Rockets game during the remainder of the regular season, but it's just that he treats Game 2 of the series.

This is not the NBA shooting at Houston. As Brian Windhorst of ESPN explained, the reigning crews are predetermined for the first four games of each series. But when Harden does T or another missile invades monstrous terrain, it can not be impossible to put an end to what this matchup and perhaps the entire rivalry is downgraded: a disappointing set of technical features.

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