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Are you already planning to get Google's Pixel 4?

Usually, we ask this question much later in the year when announcements are made, specifications have been set, and anything that remains between you and a purchase is willingness to click "add to cart". "However, we've noticed quite a bit of a trend when it comes to our readers talking about buying Pixel 4, even though we still do not know more than we do, if you make a comparison later in the year then, are you already planning Pixel 4?

There are some details based on past and expected leaks, and it's almost certain that Google's next pixel will have the flagship standard Snapdragon 855 SoC of 201

9, renderings on the back have shown that we will get two cameras, and some leaks from Android Q indicate that we may see features like improved biometric facial recognition and ambient light – adjusting the dynamic white balance and maybe even supporting air gestures even that 4GB of RAM is finally no longer sufficient for a flagship – da d The Google Camera app can sometimes be pushed out of memory by just switching apps and killing processed photos.

A phone is a big buy, and for many, it means the budget is so high (or even higher) to be ready. While there are many unknowns and opinions that may change over time, are you ready for a purchase with Pixel 4?

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