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A 12-year-old boy started a school in the back of his house

Leonardo Nicanor Quinteros is 12 years old and in the last few hours it became known that the boy founded a school in his grandmother Ramona's house to help the children of the Las Piedritas neighborhood in San Juan.

"United School and Homeland" is the name of the room created by Nicanor, to which many students come without any obligation, just to learn and to learn.

One day he came up with the idea to help and that's how it started. Nicanor teaches everything he learns from his real school, which he visits in Pocito.

The school is divided into classes, has boards, help books, an address, lockers, first aid equipment and even a bell to take a break.

For a home-built player who has a microphone and built-in speakers, such as wired, the boys of the unit and home school sing the song.

A banner-Donada fire in every act, in those moments that are celebrated by the boys on National Holidays, welcoming the day out every day and lowering it in the dusk.

A team from Channel 8 of San Juan came to the site to show how Nicanor is organized and offers their learning project "proudly".

It takes more than 40 minutes for Nico to get to school on his bike: Now I am riddled and almost run, but we have mended him.

"I only ask God to pay the life for his studies," says Ramona proudly of her grandson, who also helps by providing milk, so that the children who come can have some hot food and drink.

"Nobody taught him, he went alone. And now he teaches the other children; Look, what a pleasure I have. Give the lantern, Nico! To see what you light up at night, "explains the grandmother, that this school has up to three shifts because children sometimes come to study at night

" Right with what you can and sometimes cut a pencil in half It Gives something to everyone and makes them write. It's great what Nicanor does, "says his grandmother (El Tribuno and La Nueva).

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