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Tik Tok, the world's most downloaded addictive mobile application

The application that was downloaded most worldwide this year is Chinese. It is called Tik Tok ( Douyin in Chinese) and allows you to create 15 seconds of videos with an overwhelming gallery of funny effects and sync the image with a great music base .

Its popularity among Asian giant rivals, which has reached Pokémon Go in the rest of the world: has already more than 500 million users per month active and it is enough to travel anywhere in the public transport network Land to certify that many zombies were abducted on the screen of their smartphones, in which an endless stream of videos does not stop.

Although the clips of young girls dominate the rhythm of the music, there is everything: from pets that delight users with their funniest facets, to old people who collect the best games, the Chinese ladies or children who bring your skills early, bring along. There are also those who play jokes in the street and show amazing skills in all sorts of areas.

Chinese companies are increasingly successful with its applications . In fact, by this year, Westerners have always been the most downloaded from the Apple Store. Last year, four of the first ten Chinese were. And in 2018, it also stands out that five of the ten users spend the most are

. Douyn's success lies in its heterogeneity . The user can search for videos with keywords or recommend the algorithm of the application to those whom he thinks most appropriate, but the usual thing is that he goes from one video to another without knowing what's coming next. Surprise Hook

Those who are not interested are quickly thrown away by pushing their finger up to make room for the next one. And as is customary in social networks, those who attract the most attention can be marked with a heart or a comment. Surprising statistics from videos reaching millions of visits and thousands of comments and likes; and also the work being some clips, taken with several professional cameras and edited with tools that go beyond the effects that the application includes.

Not for nothing does Douyin allow the publication of videos in two different ways: can start directly from the app, which allows you to add 3D emoticons, slow down or speed up images, and manipulate them with effects of all kinds; or you can upload previously saved and edited clips. In addition, the application has also contributed to the madness of the live broadcast, which includes one of their menus.

A controversial app

At first glance, this app launched in September 2016 looks like a pure entertainment vehicle. There are people who claim that it's just a new fad that will be the same as Pokémon Go, because in the end the users will be fed up. Others, however, assert that it opens a new form of communication. The proof that the latter could be true is that Tik Tok, unlike other Chinese applications that were only successful in the local market, caused a sensation outside the borders of the Communist country : [19659004] But not everyone celebrates the boom of this worship. In fact, Bytedance, the company behind the app, has been in contact with the authorities several times over the "inappropriate content" of some videos. Beijing has demanded that overly sensual clips be dropped or promote a harmful lifestyle. Indonesia was more vigorous and decided to ban the application. "There is too much negative and dangerous content, especially for children," said Information Minister Rudiantara. More and more people believe that enrollment should require a minimum age for enrollment.

According to a report published in April by Tencent 66% of Douyin users in China are women, and 75.5% of them are less than 24 years old . According to Bytedance, however, 40% of users are between 24 and 30 years old, a fact that the company can demonstrate that it has succeeded in breaking the barrier of the Z generation and also attracting older users.

No But it's not just the content that worries. It is also criticized that the application is very addictive. 22% of users spend more than an hour a day in it, and Bytedance himself is aware of this problem, which is why it has added an alarm that sounds when the service is used for more than one and a half hours a day two hours of use, in which case you will need to enter a password to continue using it.

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