Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson are reported to be talking. The couple met on "Saturday Night Live" and got engaged just weeks after they officially made their relationship official on Instagram in May.

Ariana Grande is unwilling to share all the details of her split from Pete Davidson, but she wants to enlighten some rumors.

Almost a month after she had canceled her engagement with Davidson, "God Is a Woman" replied to a since then deleted tweet from the Music News Facts Twitter account with a request to the media to withdraw from her

"None of this is true," she wrote, apparently replied to a report that she changed the barriers on the apartment she previously shared with Davidson. "It would be so helpful if the media and everyone else just dropped it so they could heal and support each other. It's a shit to see this stuff. Thank you for understanding. Much love and appreciation. "

All Grande's love is meanwhile chastised by a special someone.

Grande used to join Twitter to unveil "the absolute love of my life" – her pet pig, Piggy Smallz.

I have no idea what I did … to earn them, "wrote Grande on Twitter Wednesday.

Grande introduced her enthusiastic fans to her Instagram stories last month new pet in front and posted sweet and cuddly videos with a precious little teacup – pig

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Piggy Smalls joined Grande's family when she was still with Davidso n was together.

The cast member of "Saturday Night Live" talked about the pig adoption on "Late Night With Seth Meyers". Like the rest of their whirlwind romance, it seemed to happen quickly.

"It was like," I want a pig, "and then it was there," Davidson told the "SNL" alum-turned-late-night host. "It's a bougie pig, I love it, I want it to get fat and fat."

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Five Months After the Couple's Whirlwind Engagement (19659017) just two weeks after they had an appointment!), the singer Ariana Grande and the "Saturday Night Live" comedian Pete Davidson gave it up ] (Photo: JASON SCENES / EPA-EFE)

# 39; s soul mate is the star of her latest single "Breathin" .The music video features three minutes and 18 seconds of grainy footage from her pig snooping on a fluffy blanket and it's adorable.

As fans ask about Piggy Smallz's favorite song on "Sweetner?"

"She's a pig," replied Grande.

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Grande briefly withdrew from the social media after breaking her silence over Davidson last week.

Per E! News and People, Grande reported on their separation for the first time in a previously deleted Instagram story, telling fans that the Internet was too much to endure as it recovered.

"Okay, today was a special one and I'm so thankful I could be there," she wrote, referring to her upcoming appearance on NBC's "A Very Wicked Halloween: Celebrating 15 Years on Broadway".

"It's time to say goodbye to the internet for a little bit of goodbye," she continued. "It's hard not to disturb news and stuff that I'm not trying to see rn, it's very sad and we all are trying very hard to keep going, love you and thank you for always being here."

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