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Ariana Grande fixes her misspelled tattoo – but did she make it worse?

Ariana Grande 's newly crafted tattoo in focus – because there is still a problem.

On Wednesday, the singer made headlines when it was revealed that her Japanese tattoo should read "7 Rings" in homage to her new hit, not translated correctly. After releasing a photo of the hand tattoo on social media, it did not take long for internet users with eagle eyes to notice the mistake. The design was actually translated into "Shichirin", which is a small charcoal grill.

"In fact, I've left out", 指 "what should have happened in between," she wrote in a long-deleted tweet. "It hurts that f-kn still looks tight, I would not have survived another Lmao symbol, but this stain also shells a ton and will not last forever, if I miss enough, I'll go through everything next time. "

As she humorously added, "well … a huge fan of tiny barbecue grills."

Well, the singer has had to endure the pain of adding another kanji, though the placement is supposedly wrong. Grande shared a photo of the updated body ink in her Instagram story and wrote, "A little better, thanks to my tutor for helping me fix it, and to @kanenavasard for the legend, and to my doctor for lidocaine shots (no Joke) .Prite tiny charcoal grill Miss u Man I really liked you very much. "

Except that the grill reference value was not really shaken.

According to a chat she had with her tutor (she posted a bit on Instagram, per buzzfeed), she should insert the new kanji above and between the existing ones.

Instead, the updated tattoo has the new addition just below the first for "seven" and next to a heart. According to the news reporter from Buzzfeed Japan Eimi Yamamitsu the new artwork now reads something like "Japanese BBQ finger".

Maybe the third attempt is the charm?

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