Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson are reported to be talking. The couple met on "Saturday Night Live" and got engaged just weeks after they officially made their relationship official on Instagram in May.

Now that the relationship between Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson is no longer "Breathin ', we can not help but remember all the sultry moments of their whirlwind romance. Clearly, Grande, 25 and Davidson, 24, entered into a serious courtship at lightning speed, but the summer of 2018 was not affected by anything, if not quick commitments like Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin, Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra, and earlier God is a Woman "singer and the" Saturday Night Live "actor. By the way, did someone check on Jailey and Jo-Pra? We will wait …

In the meantime, we will see the happier times between Grande and Davidson again, when their ultra-romantic remarks about us believed the possibility of true love at first sight.

The way Grande knew right away that she made MFEO (for each other)

Grande told Jimmy Fallon in August that they had met on "Saturday Night Live" a few years ago but nothing came of it. Nevertheless, Grande's heart was upset. "We have not been friends for a long time, but I've had the greatest time in the world with him all the time – forever," she told the "Tonight Show" presenter. "That's why my friends made fun of me, all that stuff."

Grande said, after leaving the room of the "SNL" room where she and Davidson worked on sketches for the show, she half-heartedly took a walk down the hallway. "I left and I said jokingly to my tour manager, I was like," I'm marrying him, 100 percent ", she said. "I was like," I literally marry him. "

The time that Davidson wholeheartedly agreed

That same month, Davidson confirmed that the blindness was so instantaneous

"The day I met her, I thought, Hey, I'm going to marry you tomorrow," he told GQ. "She called my bluff." But Davidson did not play around.

"I sent her a photo (engagement rings)," he said, "I was like," Do you like any of these? "She was like" That's my favorite "and I thought" Sick. "

When describing what it felt like to be with her and making us feel

During Davidson's Fallon performance in June, the "Set It Up" actor reflected on her engagement and announced: "I feel like I won a contest."

And her explanation of why he was her soulmate

"He's ticking every box," Grande said in an August interview with Michael Strahan about her love of "Good morning America." "I'm very grateful for him. Life is beautiful. "

When Grande appeared on the Zach Sang Show, also in August, she said she was so overwhelmed with happiness that she was often moved to tears." I would literally cry with happiness lately she said, "I was on FaceTime last night crying. He said, "Are you alright?" And I said, "Yes, I'm great." I am a mess. I happen to cry for luck. It's good.

When she wrote him the sweetest song

In addition to the quotes, the two also put together beautiful music and wrote a song about their whirlwind romance for their album "Sweetener", released in August. On the track, titled "Pete Davidson," Grande sang, "The Universe Must Have My Back, Falling from the Sky Into My Womb." And I know that you know that you are my soulmate. "

How long has It took Grande to know that Davidson was her "soulmate." She appreciated Fallon writing the love song "like a week after we started hanging out, and so on." Sigh …

Your incessant Instagram PDA

If a picture says more than a thousand words, these two had a lot, and after they made their official IG debut in May, the former couple did not shy away from the page lovingly photos to kom mentally or divide. In June, Grande playfully told his fans, "I'm just a Pete Davidson update acc stuck for more (Pete follows / Comments Sumtimes)"

This picture also makes us pretty weak in the knees, tbh.

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