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Ariana Grande responds to NASA's video remix about her song "NASA"

The track on Grandes & # 39; Thank U, Next & # 39; s album

Ariana Grande said that her "heart bursts" after a group of interns at NASA make a video remix of their song & # 39; ; NASA & # 39; had created – see the following clip.

"NASA" was a title on Grandes "Thank U, Next" album, which came out in February as the successor to "Sweetener" from 2018.

Created by a group of interns at Johnson from NASA The Space Center, the questionable # NASA # clip, went from a & # 39; Volunteer Outreach Video Project created by the current group of students from the Center. "The lyrics and scenes in the video have been reworked to inform the public about the amazing work of NASA and the Johnson Space Center." You can see the original clip, which was also inspired by the Artemis missions explore the moon and Mars below. [1


Grande wrote on Twitter after encountering the clip and was pleased with the video remix. "Oh my, this is so pure and special and crazy."

Hello everybody, who are doing such incredible work! Thank you for taking the time to do this! My heart is bursting … "

Last month, a NASA team named a Mars rock "Rolling Stones Rock" after the Rolling Stones Award and described it as a "milestone in our long and eventful history."

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