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Arizona polls to close snafu in time for Election Day

Fontes, the highest-ranking election official in Arizona's most populous province, said he would extend electoral time after a contractor failed to distribute voting machines across more than 500 districts of the district at several dozen polling stations.

"We want to make sure every voter has access," said Maricopa County Recorder Adrian Fontes to CNN. Maricopa includes the city of Phoenix.

In response, Maricopa County supervisor Steve Chucri said in a statement on Twitter, "Today we learned that 62 polling stations were not ready at the beginning of the day." Members of the Board Yesterday, no concerns were raised For the first time, blockbusters became aware of problems and members were not notified prior to the polls this morning.

"Now the Board is being called upon to initiate unprecedented measures that could confuse voters, delaying their return and having other unintended consequences. We encourage all voters who want to vote to attend one of their polling stations by 7 pm and their vote will be counted. Voters cast a ballot on Tuesday in Arizona's first election, including a closely watched contest He ruled that the Republican should be nominated in the US Senate race, but the vote initially caught the eye as a dealer selling the voting machines brought in Maricopa County online, did not appear, it was a problem of the machines on Tuesday in the office of the County Recorder.

Our technology works well, "said Fontes." The problem was the actual construction of the technology in the polling stations. "

Officials refused to give the name of the contractor they said he had previously used without issue He learned about the matter for the first time on Monday afternoon, but decided not to publish it so as not to encourage voter turnout prevention.

Instead, the district officials hurried to bring the machines online in time for the Tuesday morning polls, not prioritizing certain areas, but "pushing people in the direction they were closest."

"It was on deck all morning," Fontes said. "We are really proud of our team in the emptiness that left this contractor."

In the polling stations, where machines were not online this morning ̵

1; several dozen, estimates Fontes, although the county does not count exactly – the Voters Getting Started Ballots and campaign workers were instructed to inform electoral voters that they could hand in their ballots in one of the 40 polling stations across the country, Fontes said.

At noon local time, the district's polling machines were "100 percent" online, he added, "but we have some trouble catching up with voters."

The majority of voters were expected to cast their votes early, Fontes said. However, with turnout outperforming district forecasts so far, "we really can not say how many voters might be affected by the issues," he added.

"A negative influence on a voter is too much," said Fontes. "I feel really terrible that we can not be there for every single voter."

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