"I never had a part-time job": Teacher Strike Continues in Arizona

The president of the Arizona Education Association said that state teachers will go out for the third consecutive time Monday, after two days of rallies past Week, which demanded respect and financial support for their classrooms. "In order to keep my job, I had to downsize my home so I could afford to teach," said Irene Vasquez, 56, a mathematics teacher in the suburb of Peoria, Phoenix. "I never had a part-time job." Teachers' demands include increases for themselves and support staff and the restoration of $ 1 billion in public spending on education since the recession


Thousands of teachers and supporters in Arizona and Colorado rallied for lawmakers for a second day to push for higher wages and more funds in an unprecedented move that has closed many schools in both states. (April 27)

Student Loans: Former Students Face Potentially Crucial Trial

Thousands of former students at Corinthian College face a potentially pivotal trial that will destroy millions of dollars of loan debt on Monday for their studies in the scandal, profit-oriented schools , Lawyers for the students are trying to force the US Department of Education to renew a program that awards their student loans. Corinthian cheated on borrowers with misleading data about career opportunities, they argue. Government lawyers oppose the motion, arguing that a recently revised federal program provides for a fair and equitable assessment of each debtor's debt relief.


The federal government forgives the debts of students who were now participating in defunct Corinthian colleges as the popularity of profit-driven universities declined.

Are drug co-pay groups important charities or fronts for drug manufacturers?

Support groups, which are designed to help patients with ever-increasing drug prices to treat their illnesses, are under federal administration investigation to possibly distort the cost of health care in favor of pharmaceutical companies. And these investigations slow down contributions to at least two such charities that can pay top managers' salaries of $ 300,000 or more. Dana Kuhn, the founder of Patient Services Inc., which plans to retire on Monday, earns around $ 600,000 annually. His group raised $ 86 million last year to help 28,000 people pay for medicine. The salary is justified, he said, because "we really do the work of angels".


Leonard Rodgers, 80, Tempe, Arizona, gets help with the cost of his expensive prescriptions from charitable Good Days.
He says he would go bankrupt in a few months if there was no financial support.
Tom Tingle / azcentral.com

British Minister Completes Increasing Immigration Scandal

Britain may appoint a new Home Secretary on Monday after Amber Rudd resigned in a scandal over the mistreatment of long-term residents of the United Kingdom by the authorities a government campaign to reduce illegal immigration. Prime Minister Theresa May's office said late Sunday that she had accepted Rudd's resignation. On Monday, parliament should have made a statement about the so-called Windrush scandal that brought Caribbean immigrants to Britain after the ravages of World War II.

Britain's Secretary of State Amber Rudd in London, on April 24, 2018, before resigning on April 29, 2018. [Photo: ANDY RAIN, EPA-EFE]

Last Day for Apple Trade-Ins to Help the World

On Monday, the last day will be donated to Apple when trading with an environmental group called Conservation International donates eligible devices. A new program called GiveBack combines the company's existing trade-up and recycling programs both in Apple stores and online. Consumers' trade-in rates are the same as before and customers will receive a credit to use for future Apple Store purchases. The company released its 11th annual "Environmental Responsibility Report" this month, reaffirming Apple's commitment to greening.


Phone always puke? Here are some bug fixes for iPhone and Android, including determining when it's finally time to launch a model.

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