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Arkansas mother buys 1,500 pairs of shoes to payless for children in need

Carrie Jernigan from Alma, Arkansas, brought her daughter to a payless out of business deal to get her a new pair of shoes. In the end, she went to the store with each couple.

At Payless, Jernigan's daughter Harper, a fourth-grade daughter, saw a couple she wanted to buy for her friend, whose shoes she'd noticed were too small.

I know he likes Avengers, so I saw some Avengers shoes and said, "Hey mom, can we get those shoes for one of my friends?" Harper told NBC daughter KNWA in Fayetteville, Arkansas.

Mother and daughter, however, discovered that they did not know the size of the shoes of Harper's friend.

"I jokingly looked at the employee and just asked," How much for the rest of the shoes here? Just a joke, "said Jernigan.

Her joke became an idea: What if she bought all the shoes and donated to the needy in her community?

Finally, Jernigan bought 1

,500 pairs of shoes in various sizes, from infants to males 13. She keeps them in her house for the time being, as the congregation gathers to help her distribute the shoes – and more.

The good deed has snowed over the shoes. Now churches and local businesses are planning a big back-up event to give away the shoes, along with free hairstyles, eye exams and other things kids might need for the new school year.

"After the big scheme of things in this country, this is a tiny mistake," said Jernigan. "But if it continues to grow and … it makes you a trifle that the student starts to go back to school, then it's important for the one child."

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