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Arlington Approves $ 23 Million Amazon Incentive Package While Rough Protesters Call "Shame."

The Arlington County Board approved Amazon's $ 23 million incentive to set up a massive complex in Crystal City at the end of a meeting, which was interrupted by raucous demonstrators calling "shame" and opposed the second headquarters of the technology giant pronounced.

The 5: 0 vote, reportedly after six hours of testimony, was the final step in awarding state and local subsidies to the online retail company for the plan to create 25,000 jobs over 12 years in Northern Virginia. The Virginia General Assembly had already approved a separate $ 750 million government incentive in January for 15 years.

Amazon was facing a major setback in New York, led by liberal groups, unions and some legislatures, including Democratic, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the Seattle company finally decided to plug in the New York headquarters pull.


Although activists and some community members are pushing back against the tech giant, they did not have the same vociferous opposition in Arlington County.

"This is the most cost-effective agreement we have I have ever negotiated," said Chairman Christian Dorsey of the Washington Post. Dorsey added, "I'm confident we can handle these effects."

The Post reports that liberal groups and immigration rights organizations continued to face despite the committee's support Break when Amazon executives testified after the public hearing, eventually leading to a 1

5-minute break. When the board returned, the executive staff was missing. Resident Ibby Han said he supported Amazon: "They merely repeat the story of Virginia, which prefers the elite to the workers."

However, the newspaper reported that the June O & # 39; Connell, a 30-year-old resident, said Amazon's presence would ensure that Arlington would receive government funding to improve transportation and other public investment

"I want the money from the state," said O & # 39; ; Connell. "Without Amazon, we would not get a dime."

Protesters carried posters labeled "Affordable Housing 1st, not Amazon" and "Do not be the opposite of Robin Hood," the Post reports. Officials from the local chapter of the NAACP and the regional AFL-CIO have reportedly underscored the technology giant's refusal to sign a labor contract for the project to ensure pay and benefit protection. 1965900 [3] According to the Washington publication owned by the Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos states, the project's fiscal impact on Arlington could be an estimated $ 162 million in additional revenue over 12 years and $ 392.5 million over 16 years.

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