Police responded to reports of gunfire fired in a Georgia high school Wednesday and a teacher barricaded in a classroom was arrested

An armed social studies teacher firing a shot from a handgun after barricading himself in an empty classroom at a Georgia High School was shot. English: /archive/dn/1995/11/28.html The police convince the teacher to surrender and detain him without incident after about 30 to 45 minutes, said Dalton, Ga., police spokesman Bruce Frazier

"We "It was built quickly," he said.

No one was injured, except for a student who injured her ankle while clearing Dalton High School.

The incident occurred two weeks later a shootout in neighboring Florida faculty dead, renewal of the debate on gun control l in the US In the wake of this tragedy, President Trump and federal and state legislators have proposed the posting of teachers, a measure supported by the National Rifle Association.

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Frazier said that the teacher identified as Jesse Randall Davidson, 53, would be charged, though the exact nature of the charge was not immediately clear.

who has taught at the school since 2004, apparently fired the gun out of the window and was not aiming at anyone, said Frazier.

"I do not know if he fired the gun to let people know or what," he said.

Davidson had taught the first period without incident or an indication of anything unusual, Frazier said. The shooting took place during the third period when Davidson had a planning block

"It seems he had no intention of harming anyone else," Frazier said.

The ordeal unfolded after Davidson had evidently refused to see the students in to leave the classroom and barricade the door.

A single shot ran into the room as the director arrived to open the door. The school officials quickly cleared the school and put them on the lock. The students were brought to the city's convention center, the school said on their Facebook page.

The police said no students were ever in danger. The school of about 2,000 students is located about 90 miles north of Atlanta.

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