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Arrest of the vandalism of the monument Honoring the MOH recipient Michael Murphy

Police arrested a 14-year-old boy and accused him on Friday of vandalism after a monument was found smashed for a killed Navy SEAL and a Medal of Honor receiver in a Long Island lake

Stone to replace, inscribed with the image of Lt. Michael P. Murphy and his Medal of Honor, Governor Andrew Cuomo said earlier in the day. The new stone is expected to be nearly impossible to smash

The Suffolk police reported in a Facebook post on Friday that the kid was arrested at 3 am in his home in Ronkonkoma and charged with investigating the damage with a criminal Second-degree crime has been charged in a park named after the fallen SEAL in Lake Ronkonkoma, where Murphy once worked as a lifeguard

A previous police station on Thursday contained a photograph showing the polished circular granite stone used in more than a dozen pieces had been broken.

Cuomo said in a statement that he was "shocked and disgusted" by the vandalism and promised that the state would fully finance the replacement.

"I hope this brings consolation to his family and community," said the governor. "The people of this state and this nation owe gratitude to Lieutenant Murphy, and I personally thank him for his service."

Marcus Luttrell, a former Navy SEAL who served with Murphy and wrote in his book on his heroism: Lone Survivor, "also donated money for a replacement," said Murphy's dad Daniel Murphy, who received the call from the office on Friday Governor received a replacement stone.

The original monument builder has said the granite pane will be thicker "We should offer a $ 2,500 reward offered by the police through Crime Stopper for information leading to an arrest."

"Only a coward would do that," Luttrell said about the vandalism in an Instagram post on late Thursday that contained a photo of the damage.

More than 3,000 people had commented on Luttrell's post by Friday afternoon, many voiced outrage or a desire to raise money for a new badge. [1

9659002] Michael Murphy, 29, born near Patchogue, NY, was killed in late June 2005 in the Kunar province of Afghanistan during Operation Red Wings, which Luttrell barely survived.

After 30 or more enemy fighters besieged their foursome SEAL team, wounding all four, Murphy ignored his own injuries and fought "in the face of almost certain death" to reach a better position to call for help, according to his Medal of Honor quote. He defied direct enemy fire, but maintained his position to announce his location and a request for assistance, and continued to defend the enemy until he was mortally wounded.

He was the first Marine member to receive the highest military honor in the country since the Vietnam War, and his sacrifice was universally honored with monuments and honors. Many veterans and others have performed one of their favorite "Murph" workouts on Memorial Day.

His family runs a scholarship foundation in his name, and in 2011 his mother christened Destroyer USS Michael of the Arleigh Burke Class Murphy over SEAL's 35th birthday

The Stip service raised funds for a replacement monument, said board member Kim Niehaus in a mail to Stars and Stripes. Murphy "selflessly and willingly gave his life … and does not deserve to be dishonored in death," said Niehaus.

"The outpourings of support were overwhelming," said Daniel Murphy, who said donations from around the world came to land to renovate the monument that had been built behind his son's old lifeguard post. The younger Murphy also swam over the 1.5-mile track during his time training on the SEAL.

"It has some meaning," his father said about the place, known as Serenity Plaza.

But not the memorial. We only honor his son, who was "a team player from day one". The many monuments are "never just about Michael," he said.

The ship named in his honor bears "the spirit of all 19" Americans killed in Operation Red Wings – the keel shield is inscribed with all of their initials, and two rigid-hulled inflatable boats aboard were "Ax" and "Dietz" for Michael Murphy's slain teammates, Petty Officers 2nd Class Matthew Axelson and Danny Dietz.

At the Ronkonkoma Lake, an 8-foot black granite On the wall are the names of the 18 other Americans killed in the operation, including eight other SEALs and eight crew members of the 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment a helicopter were shot while supporting Murphy's team.

After discovering damage to the Middle Stone, dozens of locals came to the lakeshore, including a group of veterans, News12 in the Bronx, NY.

"There are no words to express the indignation of veterans about the desecration of a veterinarian and his monument," said George Stondell, commander of the AMVETS Division of New York.

Michael Murphy's mother cried early Friday when she called his father to say the damage felt to her. 19659002] Before the word of the arrest became known, Daniel Murphy said he would be surprised if the vandalism was personally directed against his son. It was probably a kid "being stupid," he said.

The 14-year-old boy was later to be tried in a family court, the police said.

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