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"Arrow" summary with spoilers: "The Thanatos Guild"

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<figcaption> (Photo: The CW, DC Entertainment) </figcaption></figure>
<p> " The Thanatos Guild "begins with a flashback in which Thea speaks with Malcolm Merlyn. </p>
<p>  Today, members of the Assassination League gathered to discuss the successor to Malcolm as the leader of the League.Nyssa – who was expelled from the League – is concealed with some of her compatriots and begins to fight with the responsible woman </p>
<p>  In Arrow HQ, Thea jokes with William about Oliver's earlier fear of the dark After a joke with them, Oliver pulls Diggle aside to discuss who is leaving [1<div class=
9659003] Dinah and Curtis are in Renes' flat to find out which cops are corrupt police on Diaz's payroll.

Thea and Roy drive as their car is attacked by a rogue member of the league Nyssa rushes in to the couple to rescue.

Nyssa Returns to Arrow HQ with Thea and Roy They tell Oliver, Diggle and Felicity that Malcolm had recruited Loyalists – led by Athena – before leaving, and these are the people who follow Thea and think that they own property has a card that they are looking for.

Nyssa warns that even if Thea and Roy leave Star City, this new guild continues to track them down until they pass the card. Concerned about the safety of himself and Roy, Thea agrees to go with Nyssa to said card.

Dinah is at the scene of a murder when Captain Hill suspiciously appears and dismisses Dinah from the case. Dinah texts Curtis to check Hill and her if there is any evidence that she is one of the dirty cops.

Nyssa and Thea find a former member of the League who knows the location of the card. She draws a card for the couple. Nyssa tells Thea to call her brother and Team Arrow to backup as they are on the map.

Nyssa, Thea, Oliver, Roy and Diggle approach a warehouse that seems to be booby-trapped. After Nyssa has passed some of the traps, he finds the card in a safe under the cement. She uses a grenade to get her out, but as soon as she does, Athena pushes off the ceiling with a group of archers.

A fight breaks out between the two groups as Thea tries to escape with the card. While Oliver, Diggle and Nyssa can do the henchmen fast, Athena is able to bring down Thea and Roy. As she stands brooding over them, she is shot down with an arrow that allows the entire team to escape.

When they meet at Arrow HQ, Nyssa offers to take the safe and open it herself, but Thea convinces her to stay with the team. They ask Felicity to hack the safe to see if she can open it.

Dinah and Curtis are in the police department trying to dig up more dirt on Captain Hill. Curtis bypasses the security of the evidence room, while Dinah goes in to search for evidence while Curtis stays outside to keep watch.

Just before a policeman passes by, he notices Curtis. Foolish, Curtis claims he is lost and persuades the police to lead him through the police.

Back at Arrow Headquarters, Oliver talks to Nyssa about her earlier arranged marriage. As they speak, Felicity announces that she has found a safe. Thea enters the code and opens the safe, and when she removes the card, the group determines that the piece of parchment is empty.

Felicity tries to see with hidden ink if the card is over a Bunsen burner Ink is activated, but it seems to be a dead end.

Roy and Thea are out in the hall talking about their future together. Roy expresses his uncertainty over Thea's apparent inability to leave Star City.

Dinah and Curtis are at the New Team Arrow headquarters, investigating the evidence they have taken from the police station, but are unable to make clear connections.

Oliver tries to persuade Thea to take Roy and leave Star City, claiming that together with the rest of the team, he will protect the couple from Athena. As they speak, Diggle runs in to inform the siblings that they may have found a place in Athena's hiding place.

The group matches the location where Thea pulls Athena out by offering the card. Athena approaches Thea, revealing that the card's ink will not appear if it does not come in contact with blood.

Felicity finds out where she is currently being manipulated with C4 and Roy is working to disable it. When he can disable it, Athena and Thea fight. Nyssa is able to shoot Athena, who then escapes.

Thea still holds the card and sees her blood dripping onto the parchment and activating the ink.

Felicity analyzes the map and finds out Malcolm uses it First-class technology that shows the ink only when certain enzymes from Thea's blood are present.

Nyssa recognizes on the map that the map leads to three different Lazarus pits.

Curtis is in the police and he approaches Nick, the cop who gave Curtis a tour to ask him for a date. Nick agrees and they arrange a date. Dinah sees Curtis and approaches him. She informs him that she has discovered that Captain Hill has put all Vertigo up for sale in the evidence locker for Ricardo Diaz.

Thea decides she wants to go with Nyssa to destroy the Lazarus Pits, and Roy agrees. Nyssa annuls her marriage to Oliver and says goodbye to Thea and Roy as they leave Star City.

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