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As Kerr approaches expansion, warriors begin to embark on their unsuspected future

Steve Kerr was re-contracted by the Golden State Warriors.

I will wait for you to pretend that this is news.

Do some errands. Take a nap. Anyway.

Since all those involved in keeping Kerr as the champions' coach had said for weeks or even months that a new deal would come, his arrival is the one thing worse than false news. There are no news.

But for the voyeur in all of us, it seems to take him through Year 2 of the post-Oakland era, making him the third-highest paid trainer in the NBA after Doc Rivers (and the Doc Rivers) and Gregg Popovich [1

9659002] Let's see if he can win four championships in the next three years (assuming that was a normal expansion and not a short-term one) to replace those who did not get the Warriors in 2016 They came in 2017 when he was only a third the time worked.

More interesting than the apparent reward for services rendered, Joe has entrusted Lacob's confidence in the beginning of the warrior's reconstruction, which must inevitably come. After all, even if Lacob decides to become the leading leader in luxury taxes and sign the Golden State core to fat new business, it will be a team in its 30s, and even with modern medical and conditioning advances only LeBron James is made up of Adamantium and all others As they reach the age of 31 or 32, they can begin to see obvious signs of wear on the bodies they have been using so well so far.

And at this point, Kerr will learn how the other 331 NBA coaches have lived.

Kerr's life was largely enchanted, even after the back surgery that turned into a spinal affair that refuses to leave, and even after subtracting style points for last year's ongoing fight with team-long boredom. And whether you see him as the highest winning percentage coach of .808, or the highest ever earned profit of .786 (depending on how you see his two absences for medical reasons), he has always been gifted with one of the best teams.

On the other hand, coaching very good teams is in some ways more difficult than coaching a mediocre team to be decent, and the longer that is required, the harder it gets. That was obvious last year, when the Warriors motivated themselves to be more difficult than in the first to third days of the good old days, and navigating the exciting world of massive contracts for more players than is logically possible becomes the task make it denser.

But at least he can not say that he did not get what he came to him. In a fair world, Kerr would get a dollar less than Popovich out of respect and buy the next 120 dinners of gratitude – which he would happily do.

And if Kerr struggles, maybe he can make some of that doc money with his next deal.

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