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As we know about Knicks, Nets' chances of landing free agent Kawhi Leonard

Ian Begley, SNY.tv | Twitter |

Things can change rapidly in the NBA, but there is a general consensus that neither the Knicks nor the Nets have a strong chance to sign Kawhi Leonard in the open.

According to Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN, the Los Angeles Clippers and Toronto Raptors are considered the strongest candidates for Leonard.

But it seems logical that both New York teams could at least get a meeting with Leonard in early July. Before Leonard's demand for business from San Antonio became public in June of last year, the people around Leonard had spoken about New York as an attractive destination for the two-time defensive player of the year.

"That's definitely real," a source told SNY at the time.

Remarkably, Leonard spent some time last season restoring his quad injury in New York, and occasionally trained at the NBA Players Association gym in Manhattan. Also noteworthy: Dennis Robertson, Leonard's uncle and consultant, works for a company in New Jersey.

So it would not be surprising if Leonard met the Knicks, Nets – or both – this summer.

The Knicks of course have enough space for two free agents and can tell Leonard to pick his co-star in New York.

Brooklyn has a strong season behind him and is known for his first class training department – something that could be attractive to Leonard.

The networks may also free up enough space to sign up for a second free agent, although they would have to cut significant salaries or renounce rights for free agents ( D & # 39; Angelo Russell is an example), to get enough money for a second star.

Neither the Knicks nor the Nets can offer Leonard the most money. Toronto can give Leonard a maximum offer of five years and $ 190 million. The maximum that the Knicks, Nets or any other non-Raptors contender Leonard can offer is four years and $ 141 million.

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