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Ask the PropellerHeads: Old is new to the gaming world | technology

Dear PropellerHeads: It happened. My ColecoVision console has finally bitten off the dust. Any recommendations for something new for this avid player?

Answer: You just do not do it the way you were 35 years ago? Now, assuming you have a current AV device (HDTV, surround sound or based on your last system, we start with hardwired power), there are several options to choose from.

For this article we are mostly staying with the big players. However, I would like to briefly mention that Atari, Nintendo and Sega have released modern versions of their original consoles, which are stocked with tons of their biggest hits. If you feel nostalgic and do not want to spend a lot of money on one of the newer consoles, then those are a few fun options.

Here you will find a selection (amzn.to/2qouDTF). If you're good at playing on a computer, there are sites like playretrogames.com that offer a wide range of titles for Oldschool players, including games released only in other countries.

As for the big boys, two out of the main players are relatively outdated, but powerful, consoles out. Microsoft's Xbox One X (bit.ly/2qrcKDb) and Sony's PlayStation 4 Pro (bit.ly/2s1

FPr5) have both been released in the last two years, but are just newer versions of the consoles that each company released in November 2013. The newer iterations have faster processors, improved graphics and expansion options for additional memory. Depending on the options you choose, you want to spend $ 300- $ 400 to get up with a controller and a game.

Over the last five years, some peripherals such as the Xbox Kinect (bit.ly/2xpIwWg) and the PlayStation VR (bit.ly/1OwJ0xe) have added some extra fun options for the gaming experience, but both fall directly into that traditional console design and focus on realistic graphics, lightning fast gameplay and now online competition

Here at PropellerHead headquarters we do not support specific products, but a recent entry into the console wars of one of the original players has certainly struck us. After Nintendo's 2012 attempt to compete with Microsoft and Sony with the release of the Wii U, Nintendo regained the wow and fun factor that accompanied the release of the groundbreaking original NES and Wii consoles with the switch (nintendo.com / switch) in October 2017.

Nintendo has learned from its mistakes in the past and made sure that they have enough titles at launch, make significant hardware changes and return to their roots by focusing on a unique one Focus on entertaining user experience

For example, the console itself is a tablet that can be taken to a small docking station for conventional playback on a TV or as a touchscreen tablet. Instead of using discs like its competitors, the switch uses SD cards that are much smaller and more robust. This means you can take more of your games and worry less about media damage.

It has also made its controller a hybrid of the sort that can be connected to the console itself, which is attached to a traditional controller accessory stand-alone single-handed controller. New accessories take advantage of this in an interesting way. For example, Nintendo has a release date for April 2018 for its new Labo (bit.ly/2HsdwYr) kit, which was developed to integrate games with engineering and programming through STEM-based learning. I know it's meant for kids, but honestly, I can not wait to try it.

It has the sports titles, first-person shooters and role-playing games that hardcore gamers like, but they also have titles to focus on making the experience a social one for everyone in your household, rather than just a person online against others plays (the switch allows too). Adding some of the flagship titles to Mario, Link and the rest of the gang will give you a gaming system that's unlike anything you've ever played, whether you're 5 or 65 years old.

So I have provided several options that fit your needs. If you want to try something truly unique and fun, then you should try the Switch. At least, look at it after your backup Commodore 64 goes the way of the dodo.

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