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Asteroid alert: Earth is being seriously destroyed while over 800 asteroids are heading toward the planet Science | news

NASA and ESA asteroid researchers have recently joined forces to launch an ambitious twin-space mission to distract an asteroid in space. There are 878 asteroids in the "risk list" of the ESA. The space agency warns that even the impact of a small asteroid could cause "serious destruction in inhabited areas." On Tuesday, ESA wrote on its website: "According to recent ESA estimates, there are 878 asteroids in the" Risk List ".

"This ESA catalog summarizes all asteroids that we know have a 'non-zero' impact on Earth over the next 100 years – meaning that a strike, so unlikely he may be, can not be excluded.

"Even a small asteroid impact could seriously destroy inhabited areas.

" is taking action with international partners to seek asteroids, develop technologies that may distract them in the future, and collaborate internationally. to support mitigation measures.

"The torrent of upcoming meetings will cover important topics of planetary defense, including the planned first-ever test to distract, coordinate and communicate asteroid warnings and ensure the most effective local emergency response.

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"Despite all the work done, the planet has never been so good on the unlikely but prepared for the very real risk of asteroid impact. "

ESA has invested £ 21

million in projects such as the Human Exploration Research Analog (Hera) mission, which will examine the binary asteroid Didymos that traversed Earth in 2022 should fly.

Studies like Hera will help the ESA understand better how it can protect our planet from deadly asteroid attacks.

ESA said, "The ESA / NASA AIDA Collaboration (for Asteroid Impact Deflection Assessment) will crash NASA's DART satellite into the 160-m asteroid Didymos-B and cause it to be distracted (also known as Didymoon , the smaller of the two Didymos asteroids).

However, there are some plans that could help Earth against possible asteroid attacks.

NASA is currently investigating Asteroid Bennu, where her OSIRIS Rex spacecraft will arrive ed last year. [19659003] Partly, NASA is sending the spacecraft OSIRIS-Rex to gather more information about the 500-meter-long space rock.

NASA fears that the asteroid has the potential to wipe out a land on Earth that could destroy our planet The next 120 years will pass, with the next flyby in 2135.

The mission will provide important information on how to divert asteroids from their collision course with Earth.

But NASA reaffirms that although the likelihood of Earth being hit by all planets for millions of years is low, Bennu will most likely hit Venus.

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