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Asteroid Impact 13 years ago, woolly mammoth saber-toothed cats were extinguished in the mini-ice age: study

A shocking new study claims to have found the "smoking weapon" behind the extinction of a number of animals and plants: a massive asteroid that struck Earth nearly 13,000 years ago.

suggests that about 12,800 years ago, a short ice age occurred due to an asteroid impact after high levels of iridium and platinum were detected in the White Pond near Elgin, SC

. The University of South Carolina archaeologist, Christopher Moore, said in a statement, "In recent years, there have been numerous publications with similar data from other sites that make the assumption that there was an alien impact or a comet air blast almost universal support caused the climatic event of the younger Dryas. "

  (Photo credit: Mauricio Antón, 2008 Public Library of Science)

(Photo credit: Mauricio Antón, 2008 Public Library of Science)

NEAR EARTH OBJECTS MAY BE USED BY EXTRATERRESTRIALS TO SEE OUR WORLD. Cats, woolly mammoths and mastodons, due to a "time of extreme cooling," the researchers believe. It is also possible that early human populations, such as the Clovis culture, have been negatively impacted by the event that may have caused massive forest fires and a "winter impact".

Although not properly dated, Moore believes that the influence of a crater in Greenland containing high levels of iridium and platinum, two elements commonly found in asteroids, could be the "smoking weapon." ,

"At first we thought it was a North American event, and then there was evidence. In Europe and elsewhere, it was a Northern Hemisphere event," added Moore. And now that is being researched in Chile and South Africa, it seems likely to be a global event.

Additional evidence and research is needed to determine if the asteroid really triggered the event of the younger Dryas, but Moore expressed confidence that this might someday be the norm.

"These are big debates "These things in science sometimes take a lot of time to gain wide acceptance."

He continued, "That was true for the extinction of the dinosaurs when the idea existed Impact had killed her. So it was with plate tectonics. But now these ideas are a completely established science.

  The representation of an asteroid or near-Earth objects by an artist highlighting the need for a complete system for situational awareness in space.

The representation of asteroids or near-earth objects by an artist objects that underscore the need for a complete space-situation-awareness system.
(ESA – P.Carril)

GIANT ASTEROID-PLACED OLD EASTER AFTER DUST BLOCKED SUNLIGHT FOR 2M YEARS Crater discovered in Greenland some 12,800 years ago that had "global consequences".

The asteroid strike officially confirmed in Greenland in November 2018 was first discovered in July 2015. However, it lasted until November 2018, until its source was confirmed. According to NASA, the massive hole is "one of the 25 largest impact craters on Earth" and is said to have "shaken the northern hemisphere".

Almost two-thirds of all Americans want the government to focus on monitoring asteroids-the event of a catastrophic strike. One such potential asteroid that could cause this type of destruction is Apophis 99942, named after an Egyptian god of chaos. However, others like Elon Musk believe that there is no reason to fear this asteroid, which will be within 19,000 Fox News reported on April 13, 2029, from Miles Earth.


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