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Astronaut Chris Hadfield teaches essence of spaceflight in the new MasterClass series

International Space Station astronaut Chris Hadfield shares his knowledge of space travel and related topics in a new MasterClass series. Aspiring astronauts and space tourists are invited to participate in the educational experience.

Enrollment for Hadfield's MasterClass series opened on April 24. The videos are already available for exclusive early access on the mobile iOS app MasterClass. According to Space.com, they will be released globally on May 1 via the MasterClass website and other platforms.

Hadfield's classes are not free. A teacher costs $ 90. The in-depth course offers 28 classes to explore and discuss what it's like to be an astronaut. Each class lasts about 20 minutes. There is also an option to get access to all MasterClass content by paying $ 1


"I really wanted to explain the essence of spaceflight and what it means to us and what the benefits of it are, and I think it's just an interesting and timely subject," Hadfield said about the series. He also said that this venture provides a place for interested people to get links to more detailed information about rocket design, astronaut life and more.

Hadfield also pointed out that his course is also open to those planning space tourists. "There are a lot of people [watching] who would be competing as astronauts, and the people flying with Jeff Bezo's [Blue Origin] and Richard Branson [Virgin Galactic] [tourist flights] might also be interested," he said. 19659002] The classes in Hadfield's MasterClass series range from spacecraft and spacecraft maneuvers. There are also classes that approach future research opportunities and the general experience of being away from the living planet, according to Popular Science.

"The emergence of a base technology is revolutionizing what we believe to be normal in life, and whenever the technology is proven and safe and cost-effective enough, it will not only become available for research and esoteric projects, it is almost seamlessly integrated into the shared life, "says Hadfield. "I think we are at this point with space travel."

Hadfield is the Canadian astronaut who temporarily went blind on a spacewalk because of a cleaning fluid that irritated his eyes more than 15 years ago. At that time, he completed a major mission on the International Space Station, and the incident obscured his vision and caused him extreme pain. He solved the problem by opening a flush valve in his suit, which removed the contaminated tears from his face.

Apart from his prolific work as an astronaut, Hadfield is also known for his viral coverage of David Bowie's "Space Oddity." which he filmed in 2013 in the space station. The video (below) collected nearly 40 million views on YouTube at the time of going to press. [194559005]

 Chris Hadfield Chris Hadfield is spreading his knowledge of spaceflight in a new MasterClass series. Photo: Reuters / Sergei Remezov

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